Born to Choose Places to Create Two Categories (Entrepreneur

2020-03-31 11:18 | Readtime: 58sec

# Zediersheng# [Announcement]:

     Today, I created two categories of article categories (entrepreneurial stories and advertising soft articles) for the purpose of choosing a place. Then, after members write articles, the entrepreneurial story articles will be published in the entrepreneurial story column, and pure advertising soft articles will be published in the advertising soft article column. It will be automatically posted in the soft column of the advertisement. If the classification is wrong, our administrator will perform secondary classification.

     Born in a different place: It is allowed to send advertisement articles with contact information and company website QR codes. Do not delete or seal numbers! [Yay]

     Born to Choose: A Place for Businessmen to Write Business Stories.

VIP member advantages:

     1. Post unlimited articles;

     2, can publish advertising articles, without deleting text;

     3. External links can be added to the article;

4. You can publish a product or corporate promotional video to be displayed in each article.



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