Recall: Short story of recruiting new colleagues!

2020-03-31 11:17 | Readtime: 55sec

Sitting in the office remembered a story:

     We said that we had just started a new colleague in 2013. We were very happy to hire a new colleague. However, the new colleague can't live without a computer. So he decided to buy a new desktop computer for the new colleague. The price should be more than 3k, but unfortunately The next day, all of our members (that is, three guns) were going to see the customer. Then the new colleague could only go to the computer city to buy the computer. Without thinking about it, I gave the new colleague 4k cash to buy the computer. Make up (the new colleague hadn't created a file on the first day of the job), we went on the road to work, and the new colleague returned at night to buy the computer and use it.

     Later, we chatted and said that the matter was not handled properly at that time. If the new colleague took the money to run the road that day, we really couldn't do it, because there was no file and no formal entry.

The cooperation with the new colleague was very enjoyable. Later, he left the company to join the army.



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