Strive to let visitors read the true entrepreneurial story!

2020-03-31 11:16 | Readtime: 44sec

Born to Choose: A Place for Businessmen to Write Their Business Stories! Everyone is creating stories every day, and many people will record their own stories, so # Zediersheng# There are stories to read every day, really fast ~

     Of course, there are also members who choose to send ads purely. We do not exclude ads, but low-quality ads are not readable. Of course, their ads are better selected because of the choice of places. They will also be given some weight by Baidu. difference.

     We do not delete advertisements, because we promise that articles created in selected places can be advertised or even contacted to link to our website.

But we will use algorithms to let visitors who like to read entrepreneurial stories see real entrepreneurial stories, rather than full-screen advertisements. It has a long way to go and cherish it!



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