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2020-03-31 11:15 | Readtime: 3min

How do small trading companies do business?

       The more developed the intelligence, the fewer the employment in the manufacturing industry, and the more small trading companies, the inevitable rule.

       A small trading company is essentially a service industry. Like I said, "4S stores don't sell cars." Your heart must have this purpose. Thinking about selling goods, the result is that business is not easy to do.

       You want to sell goods, but why do customers buy your goods? Because I have good quality, good service and low price. Do others have to be of poor quality, poor service, and high prices? Who told you that?

       If you really are like the above, then I advise you to give up doing business, maybe you are not the material for doing business.

       Doing business with small trading companies:

1) The most important thing is what product or category to choose. The product's selling point extension (features, advantages, benefits, and decent feelings) must be distinct. Maybe there is only one strong selling point. Of course, a few more are the best.

2) The extension of selling points is not enough. The key is that you can say good at writing, and “packaging” the extension of selling points into reasons that customers can hardly reject or resist. Otherwise, it is a bunch of "correct nonsense" to speak from your own perspective, and it is useless to impress customers.

3) Small companies must not make a bunch of products, which can be a single category, and the best is a large single product. Don't forget to focus and focus again. You want to do everything and make any money. In the end, you will work hard and earn no money. It will always be Yang Bai's role.

       How to do 20% of wealthy customers?

1) Set your own price first, this price is used to distinguish the poor.

2) Network promotion uses strong selling points, selling point extensions, usage scenarios, customer stories, and customer testimonies to open the road. Do not use cold and hard product manuals everywhere. Otherwise, even if the customer comes, he will use you as the price comparison to set up and will not do business with you.

3) In the digital network era, of course, you have to do network promotion and social interaction. There are not necessarily many methods. Three to five are enough. There are more, and you do n’t have time and energy to do it. Small companies don't have many guns.

4) At the moment, no matter what products you do, you cannot do without your own community. Promote online or participate in offline related activities and add mobile phone fans, it is not necessary to build Weixin group, as long as in the circle of friends, through private chat or circle of friends, “start” business slowly.

5) Most of the wealthy customers do not care about it, of course, there are exceptions. As long as you explain the "features, advantages, benefits, emotions, and decentness" of your product or service one by one, especially the benefits that your peers can't give you, you should highlight them, and you may already be in sight.

6) Business has never been talked about one by one. If you have this ability, you will definitely surpass Jack Ma in wealth. Keep in mind: 1/3 of the customers are related to you, 1/3 of the customers are not related to you, and 1/3 are what you want to win.

       The above suggestions and practices are for your reference.

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