"Principle" author Ray Dalio writes a principle every day!

2020-03-31 11:14 | Readtime: 38sec

"Principle" author Ridalio posts a principle on Weibo every day!

     On April 17, 2018, Mr. Ray Dalio launched Weibo, and started to update the first Weibo with April 26. I was very happy to see him open Weibo, because he liked the book Principles, so I have a lot of interest in the author, and I have set Mr. Ray Dalio to pay special attention. Recently, I found that Mr. Ray Dalio updated Weibo every day. One principle every day Weibo is called the daily principle;

     I learned two things:

1. Mr. Rui Da Liou insists on posting Weibo every day.

2. Each microblog has the keyword "principle"; (three sentences do not leave the bank).

So, learn like Rui Da Liou; three words a day without leaving the bank to write business stories.



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