How to write articles in the top five categories of customer

2020-03-31 11:13 | Readtime: 1min

Business Business Morning Lesson, Lesson 237: Top Five Categories of Clients' Favorite Content and Questions

       Yesterday's Business Lesson 236 (Become an industry revealer), one of the methods of content marketing was to write 100 blog posts (text version Today's morning class is the continuation of yesterday's content. It is inspired by five major types of content and questions, and will suddenly trigger more than 10 content titles. The five major categories are briefly listed as follows:

1) Cost price series

2) Customer Question Series

3) Comparison comparison series

4) Customer witness series

5) Advance with the Time Series

    WeChat speech courses are difficult to accurately project with text, and there are many impromptu and random extensions. In recent years, although I have also worked hard to write a lot of blogs and original Weibo to share the actual practice of doing business and online business, but it can not be compared with the content expressed in language. As long as the content is written into text, its vivid And the infection is a few percent worse. Of course, this is directly related to my insufficient writing skills.

Listening to a lesson in the morning, all day long [hee hee]



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