Founder said [YangYan hairpin]

2020-10-24 17:34 | Readtime: 5min
Founder said

I am Yang Yan, founder of Shenzhen Taiji Jewelry Co., LTD.

I am an out and out Hunan spicy sister, 2000 architecture professional industrial and civil architecture after graduation a person to Shenzhen alone, can only rely on their own efforts.

As a result of be the eldest daughter in the home, want to share care for the home as far as possible as soon as possible, entered a Taiwan endowment to send adorn article company to do clerk of sheet 2000. I didn't know anything at the beginning, and became familiar with all the order follow up procedures within one year. At that time, the Shenzhen company did not improve many aspects. I usually go to work from 7:30 a.m. to about 1:30 a.m. There was no way, because there were three younger sisters and a younger brother who were still in school. Of course, during the six years working in Taiwan company, I have learned a lot of business knowledge, such as product production process, quality standards, coordination among production departments, packaging and shipping. It is important to arrange each order interspersed with each other without interfering with each other, and ensure the smooth completion of each order in advance. Now that I have been working in Taiwan company for more than six years, Time will prove that I have accumulated very valuable experience in starting my own business in the future and I never regret it.

In 2003, I got to know my husband in the company. He was also very popular with the chairman. Under the sponsorship of the boss, we held a lively and simple wedding in the playground of the company, which was congratulated by the whole company and colleagues.

We finished the work assigned by the company in 2006, and left the company to start our own business. At that time, I bought A CNC machine tool to make the mold, but at that time, only one customer or others introduced the factory, also carry a bag to go out on the bus, with little effect. Midway has done the plastic class trademark production, the hardware processing, all ended in a fiasco. Three years time quickly passed, all the way down, actually owed hundreds of thousands of pieces of external accounts, quarrel has become commonplace. In 2009, we disposed of the equipment and paid off the debt. Before that, it was zero. I began to take care of my children at home, but my entrepreneurial heart has not changed.

My husband and I are both from the hair accessories, left and right, or in the hair products to start, regroup, and sometimes wonder, is the major is not the right, graduation diploma is used for industrial and civil architecture, after graduation did not engage in architecture.

In March 2010, we mastered the production technology of a fully automatic hairpin clip equipment introduced from Germany. We began to rent factories, buy lathes and milling machines, and recruit teachers. In addition, my father is a veteran, more than 60 years old, in the army is an automotive engineering technician, I also invited to come as a technical adviser, rushed over from Hunan to help, of course, he later in the hairpin clip machine and equipment of the technical improvement played a decisive guiding role. Due to the stable technology and 30% higher quality and output of the fully automatic clip machines produced by us compared with the old machines, the orders of the fully automatic clip machines are full all year round. Our customers include domestic hairpin industry manufacturers, some of them also invest in the fully automatic clip machines, and some of them are exported to Iran and Pakistan. All the customers I work with are satisfied.

In the middle of 2013, we began to produce hairpin one-word clip products. Over the years, we have taken the factory as our home and completed many foreign trade orders and domestic sales orders without complaints with both quality and quantity guaranteed. During this period, I also learned from my former boss in Taiwan, set up several pairs of friends in the factory, got married, had several dolls and bought houses in my hometown.

We have carried out strict and scientific management, implemented a responsibility system for production, and set clear rewards and punishments. Achieve zero complaints, new master first skills assessment, on-duty training. As for quality, we would rather throw it away than let go of a defective product. We have passed the strict quality acceptance and social responsibility acceptance of the third party capital verification agency SGS entrusted by the United States. At present, the foreign trade orders and our cooperation brands are GOODY, Cornell, PRIMARK, SHE's,SALONCARE and other 23 national brands, domestic Jinsha, Jinuo, Xinyue and so on.

Starting from 2017, the output of hair clips of our company can reach 2 tons per day and more than 50 tons per month. The total monthly production reaches 50 million clips. Three years of development, the same industry can not catch up with the automatic word clip hairpin machine factory.

I have been engaged in hair ornaments work for 20 years, now the accumulation of the team, we each do their own job, work together, everyone gather wood fire high! I will always make the hairpin word clip, do fine, do special, of course, but also in peace, improve the production process, and improve the business method, responsible for my own! I'm also responsible for the guys who are with me! More importantly, we are responsible to our customers and customers. With good quality, fast delivery, the successful completion of the production task, in the minds of consumers to establish a better reputation.

Thank you for your support, I will work harder to learn to do a good job of hairpin/bobbypin/bobbypins word clip work, and create a win-win situation with customers!


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