ONLY 3 Day | 5000 Piece of Masks Finsh the Import Operation | From South Korea to Shenzhen by Air

2020-08-15 18:24 | Readtime: 5min

Morning, the sun is very dazzling,see the beautiful scenery in spring. 

2020 is different year,we are enjoy the city’s quiet streets and cold spring. 

However, our hearts are very warm,care of family,the greeting of friends and help from our great Motherland. 

The China government inform all the company be postponed work date until the end of February in a bid to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus. In logistics enterprises,we have a lot of document work to deal with. From February 3, Sunny worldwide logistics company began to work on the WEB, so that we can timely feedback the customer's shipping status information,so that the customer can know the situation of their own goods at any time.

air freight 

At the same time, because of the current epidemic nCov-EMC ,the demand for the import of protective article suddenly increased. As early as February 3, Sunny worldwide logistics received inquiry emails information from all walks of life about the import operation of protective article, The company is urgently prepared from all aspects such as process operation, etc. to sort out all precautions for the import and customs clearance of protective article ,for customers and respond to the consultation and assistance of the people in need at any time. With our little strength, it supports the fight against the epidemic and is also the social responsibility of Sunny worldwide logistics. We are until 24 hours on line! 

Even in such a severe form, we can't resist our patriotic enthusiasm!

On the morning of February 5, Jolie received another order from South Korea for urgent air masks inquiry : 5000pcs / 10ctns / 78kgs / 0.9cbm. The consignee is a technology-based manufacturer in Shenzhen, Prepare the corresponding protective materials for the staff to start work on the 10th. this time is urgent, and the logistics team of Sunny worldwide logistics immediately starts to divide the work, our marketing team handles the arrangement of flights and delivery to the airport with the South Korean sid,the operation Department and the consignee dock and handle the documents required for import. 

freight forwarder

At the same time,the Korea shipper and agents also actively cooperate. They sent masks to Incheon Airport warehouse on the 5th. With the cooperation of all parties, they booked the direct flight from Busan to Shenzhen on the 6th. After taking off, Sunny worldwide logistics immediately arranged import pre clearance declaration, and the flight arrived at Shenzhen airport at 11:30am on the 6th. the tax receipt came out in this afternoon, because the consignee paid The tariff also needs time to operate. After the customer paid the tariff on the morning of the 7th, our company truck arranged to pick up the goods at Shenzhen airport at 2:08pm on the 7th, and delivered them to the designated address in Shenzhen at 4:20pm on the 7th, which successfully completed the whole process of the 5000 masks imported from South Korea to Shenzhen. 

The customer highly praised the professional / efficiency / service of Sunny worldwide logistics in this process, and Sunny worldwide team also experienced another experience of emergency shipment arrangement! Of course, this is inseparable from our efficient work of Shenzhen customs. In this epidemic, Shenzhen Customs has also opened a green fast channel for medical supplies, which is complete and can be released quickly. Becuase this batch of 5000pcs masks are purchased and used by the consignee company. In addition to normal packing list, invoice and contract, we need to attach a fact sheet to ensure that your company is purchased and used by itself and will not be sold on the market. Masks are ordinary products, so our import documents have no other special requirements.

shipping agent

Because of our team have serious, timely and fast response, our Korean agents and Korean consignors also highly appreciate us. They felt that we were also so serious and diligent about the small quantity of 10 boxes / 78kgs / 0.9cbm, let alone larger goods. They immediately gave us orders for whole containers and bulk cargoes, which are expected to arrive at the port around the 15th. Our orders have been completed, but the service has never stopped! 

During the holiday period, our colleagues have also received import inquiries from different countries, such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries for medical supplies, including disinfectant, protective clothing, masks, goggles, thermometers and other products imported Query.


If you need to import through donation channels, please scan the following wechat QR code or email us by phone. We will provide a full set of complete document template as soon as possible, and we will provide free consultation service for the import of medical supplies!


Address: 8/F, Block B, Rongde Times Square, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China 

Mobile:+86 18018787023/13798529487   

Skype: marketing_hmd     

WhatsApp:+86 180 1878 7023  


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