How to serve my VIP customer

2020-08-15 17:57 | Readtime: 7min

why the customer trust me and our company Sunny Worldwide Logistics? we take care of the cargo more than the owner. you can read it from my sales manager Mr Michael story.

Life never lives up to people who work hard, you never know what surprises he will prepare for you in future.

It has been almost 5 years since I met Mr Carmine. one of my USA customer.On May 5, 2014, an ordinary day can't be ordinary, but no one can think of it. How much has this customer's business career, confidence in me and my future life .

I received an inquiry email from the customer that afternoon and asked me a batch of lipstick shipping from Xiamen to the United States. I always quoted the customer as usual, but the cosmetics are not ordinary goods, and such products are shipped by air. need to provide MSDS, air transport identification is required. In addition,for the exporting factories, they need to providing information declaration, the mainland products of cosmetics products must be subject to commodity inspection. When I quoted, I consciously reminded the customer of this information, but the customer didn't understand it. I asked the customer to give me the supplier's contact information first. I understood it clearly and then gave him feedback. He gave me the information of the factory. However, the information on the factory side could not be provided at all. I immediately gave another solution to pull the goods to Shenzhen and fly from Hong Kong. The customer's first ticket was arranged very smoothly, everything went smoothly, and the customer was very satisfied with my professionalism and our timeliness.

However, the factory sent samples and customers' orders for large goods. After receiving the goods, the goods were not in the right version. The quality of the large goods and the samples were far from the same. I am afraid that in the early years, the trading companies were shoddy in order to make money. It is not unusual. As a result, the customer's product was sold, and a large number of customer complaints were received, and even the company on the customer's side was unsustainable. So I helped the customer, always communicated with the factory, assisted, hoped to help the customer get the solution from the factory or recover some losses, the business can understand, but the boss concept is different, she has no decision, and finally That business is in the middle, and I feel that the boss who is not honest with this has no future, and because of this dispute, he left the company. Although this matter did not end up with the results that Carmine and I wanted, but because I have been doing my best to help him and assist, the customer is very grateful to me, on the other hand, the trust and affection for me has greatly increased. Then the customer starts, looking for a new supplier, he finds a new supplier, the registered address, scale, and registered capital of the supplier, let me help him review, I also have multiple calls and corresponding Business, video to understand the size of the factory, the size of the company, and ultimately choose a factory with a particularly good qualification. The factory has been working with customers ever since, and has never changed suppliers. And I am also very fortunate. Since I have known the customer, all the customer's shipments have been arranged by me and never changed. I almost became his agent in China.

Because the customer is a middleman, his products are also sold to other customers. I asked him why he chose us. He said that there are the following points that make me feel moved and admired:

1)Transportation of cosmetics, MSDS shipping and air transportation To provide transportation identification, the US destination customs clearance should be FDA declaration, and there are more requirements, but I have experience and we are very professional.

2)As a middleman, each customer has a contract with his buyer and has a delivery date. Once the delivery period is exceeded, he will have a high liquidated damages. He trusts me and trusts our profession.

3)The transportation cost is not particularly large for his orders. His goods are not only in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Canada and Australia. He has a full-time Chinese agent, all the shipping plans are given to me, I will give each ticket the warehousing, take-off, arrival, delivery time requirements, for the customer, he docks, check the progress of the order is very convenient Very worry-free, then he can save more energy on his product sales, to make the brand, profits higher.

4) Any order, his time limit, we can give him the best solution. In particular, he remembered that once he had two containers of goods, 1X40HQ lip gloss and 1X20GP lipstick were sent to a warehouse in Charlotte, USA. According to the normal shipping time, it is normally 38- after the ship is opened. It takes 40 days to send to the warehouse. Moreover, this is still based on the port of the ship, the ship is opened, the port is very punctual, the port of departure, the port of destination does not have any time limit for customs inspection. However, the time limit for customer orders is only 25 days. If the two containers are transported by air, the cost is particularly high. If normal shipping is not available, then we will help customers to ship from Ningbo to LA for 14 days, then arrange the truck directly. The US West LA cabinet, the two drivers took turns, and the special car was dispatched to the customer's warehouse in Charlotte for 6 days. The customer was particularly grateful for this solution, which saved him a lot of money and helped him solve the problem. Since then, all the customer's orders are directly let the factory contact me to arrange the delivery, and even the shipping charges are not inquired in advance, I directly billed in the past, after the delivery is completed, the payment will be made at the end of the month.

  It is also the experience of working with this customer, let me have more and deeper thinking about my business direction.

1) Think about the problem from the customer's point of view, think about what the customer wants, and add more added value to yourself, so that you can become an irreplaceable role on the customer's side.

2) We have our own first-hand US agents in 50 US states. Any US shipment, others can do it, we can do better, and it is the best logistics solution, we must have confidence in our customers.

3) Professional, not just talking about it, you need to know what the customer cares about and learn to help the customer solve his concerns and concerns.

4) We can provide at least 3 US customers who cooperate with us, so that new customers can directly contact our cooperative US customers to learn about our company's services and let customers feel your true and powerful.

5) Learn from customers, learn the business wisdom of customers, share with other new customers, guide customers, find customers who share your interests, and make orders easy and worry-free, too careless, time-consuming and laborious. Customers, don't do it.

6) Share with you the real life in the life, let the customer know more about you and increase the viscosity of the customer.

Carmine and I are business partners, friends in life, recalling these five years, we should be mutual achievements. He got what he wanted, and I did what I wanted to do. I am grateful to him for not how much money he made me. Instead, I learned a lot and made me more comfortable in developing our US market and American customers. This year our US market turnover rate reached 80.3. %, our goal is that as long as the customer meets us, they no longer want other freight forwarders.



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