Electric back massager,Qi rui in which more than half the staff have over 10 years of experience

2020-07-18 21:10 | Readtime: 7min

Electric back massager,Qi rui in which more than half the staff have over 10 years of experience

Q:What brand is your massager?

Asking this question 3 years ago, the answer can be those common brands in the supermarket with no doubt. Today, those massagers are still used by us. However, more and more people are inclined to buy massagers on TV and the Internet. Speaking of the reason, people usually said two words: comfortable and convenient.

Becoming increasingly popular in recent years, the massager trend has spread from China, the manufacturing power, to America, Germany and Japan, even to southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East. Then, the cases makes us curious: What’s kind of massager is it? What are the differences between it and the old massagers?

I’m going to tell you the answers in plainest language. Meanwhile, a massager which is comfortable, and easy to carry and operate will be recommended to you.

1)It is exported to 23 countries and regions.

2)The MOQ of special products is one , which hardly can be done by competitors.

3)We adhere to the use of environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials and we serve only 20% of valued customers.

4)No customer quality complaints for 5 years. The rate of repurchases is as high as 88%.

The biggest insider of massager industry.

A massager made of low-quality materials on the market is sold at about seventy or eighty yuan by the mean of selling at a loss, significantly price reductions and large margin of preference. What makes Qirui massager be distinguished from it?

Inferior massagers: In order to reduce costs, these massagers use aluminum motor and non-standard power supply, and plastics and sponges are mixed with secondary impurities and lime powder; moreover, the leather sheaths are made of non-standard PVC the price of which is two-thirds lower than standard PVC.

Such massager is insufficient in strength, noisy and fragile. And most of all, people with sensitive skin are prone to get rashes if the skin contacts with the leather sheath.

Qirui massager: It uses pure copper motor seamless steel tubes, which features in resistance to high temperature, and in high security. Imported ABS shell has the advantages of high toughness, impact resistance, higher strength and environmental protection. And it adopts imported DuPont POM gear which is more wear-resistance with high precision and hardness. Thus, it improves the service life of the massager, and effectively reduces the noise. Strictly conforming to "One inch, seven stitches" international standard, environment-friendly and skin-friendly leathers are pure hand stitched. The length of stitches is controlled at 0.4cm, and the error does not exceed 0.25mm. Power supply tested and certified by quality supervision institutions guarantees safety of operation.

“Heartthrob” among the massagers.

There are many types of massagers. We often wonder which type is more comfortable and convenient.

It has no standard as each person’s operation and preference are different. The following are 3 common types on the market, and let we see which one suits you.

Massage armchair. This massager can cover you all with the characteristics of taking up a lot of space and high price. It is loved by many people and often placed in the large and spare space of the living room.

Massage cushion. This type can be put on the sofa or chair to massage your back and waist as the size of it is smaller than the massager armchair’s. But it is still a bit of bulky to carry.

I’m about to recommend the neck massager to you. The neck massager is easy to operate and take with. It can be used to massage the whole body. The two above-mentioned types are personalized products loved by people. As for neck massager, it is like the heartthrob in massagers. Most of people who have used it all think it’s good, or at least don't exclude it. We can use it to massage our neck, shoulders, back, waist, arms even legs and sole of the foot when we at home, in the car or in the office. Neck massager is a true body massager.

When the exquisite package is opened, inside is a hand bag made of artificial leather material. The thread of the sewing of this hand bag is even. The soft and exquisite feeling of the leather is real. You open the zipper, and this little pretty thing leaps to the eyes. Imagine it. Here comes your saviour when you have faced computer for a long time and feel groggy. This massager matches the principle of Ergonomics, and it basically matches the shape of your cervical spine when placed in your neck.

Even though its two massage heads are palm-sized, they're so powerful. Turn on the switch, and you will feel like two hands are doing deep tissue kneading and massage in your neck clockwise and counterclockwise, stimulating the acupuncture points. It’s as if a burst of shivers spread all over the body and you have a mild and warm feeling.

Two massage modes. One is a combination of heating and massage, that is, the combination of infrared heating and massage action. When kneading the neck, the fatigue is alleviated. One is like a one-handed massage, just like a Thai technician uses his index finger, middle finger and thumb to massage the acupuncture points. You are so addicted to this comfortable feeling that you hope it can never stop.

One course takes 15 minutes. The tension in the neck disappeared when the instrument was removed. The delight is equivalent to the happiness of the arrival of the weekend when you have worked for five days. You cannot help taking a deep breath and feel like you have changed a new neck.

Have you ever been to a massage spa in Thailand? Similar to the technician with the index finger, middle finger and thumb massage points, the kneading makes you do not want to leave. Now you can put this massager in your carry-on bag. It also has the car adapter to use and maintenance. This masaager has been selling well for over 5 years and has been one of the best-selling massagers all around the world. You can get it today. Would you like to have a try?

Which massager do you like best on the market?

Different neck massagers have different functions and qualities. Qirui neck massagers are exported to 23 countries and regions. Most foreign customers use the words of comfortable, easy to carry, easy to operate and high quality to evaluate our product. The following are some customers’ comments.

How much does a highly-evaluated neck massager cost?

First let's talk about the team and the craftsmanship: Self-owned R&D team. More than half of the R&D staff have more than 10 years of working experience. Adopting PTC ceramic heating element, the neck massager is little power consumption, temperature-controllable and fast heating. It has instantaneous current shock protection and its electricity consumption is only 0.02 yuan per hour. It has passed more than 50,000 bionic tortuous tests. Leathers which are green, environmental-friendly, low-carbon and formaldehyde-free and skin-friendly stick to "One inch, seven stitches" international standard. It is pure handmade. The length of stitches is controlled at 0.4cm, and the error does not exceed 0.25mm. European & American standard makes you save 30% of your money at least. The motor adopts the only intelligent full-automatic digital control processing center in Fuan. There is almost no manual work in the whole production line. It must pass quality detection of 23 items. All the massager products, including the accessories, have achieved standardized design and production. Each product should pass 20 minutes of silent detection and 40 minutes of operation re-test before being qualified and leaving the factory.

Up to this technical standard, it is not expensive for one neck massager to generally have the price of over $25. The price is half of an ordinary massage. We will offer a special price at the launch stage. One neck massager only costs $21.

This neck massager is designed professionally: It is comfortable to put both arms across the leather sheath. You could adjust the position at any time without affecting the massage effect. The pain of shoulders, neck, waist, arms, thighs, shanks and sole of the foot can be relieved.

Neck massager is the classic which has been popular for over five years. When we study, sit down at the computer or sit in the car, we can enjoy the massage service. It is assumed to be equivalent to not experiencing a Thai massage when you go to the massage center if you have never used this neck massage. You could try at least once, couldn’t you?



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