Massage roller,The water in the massager's circle is very deep

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Massage roller,The water in the massager's circle is very deep

At present, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life all over the world regard philanthropy as a glorious cause to share the worries of the country and relieve the worries of the people, which is an important symbol of the progress of social civilization.

Wang Huaping, general manager of Qirui Massage Chair Company, and all the staff participated in activities such as warm family, sunrise, sunset, rehabilitation, and caring for the disabled organized by Ningde Hongai Charity Club and Fuan Charity Association from time to time.

Since 2010, General Manager Wang Huaping and Qirui Massage Chair Company have paid no attention to fame and fortune, but hope to spread the filial piety culture and the concept of great love to the society through this platform. Through practical actions, they will influence and motivate more people to voluntarily participate in public welfare charity. With the development of Qirui, Qirui massage chair will continue to increase investment in social public welfare, pay full attention to vulnerable groups, tap charitable resources, develop charitable projects, and make greater contributions to the development of charity, promote human civilization and social progress.

Core advantages

1)We export to 23 countries and regions

2)Special product can be order with one pcs.

3)adhere to the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving materials

4)Quality Supervision Institution Testing and Certification Guarantees Safety

5)6 years insisting on the production of quality

6)85% of the business comes from the referral of old customers

7)2535 customers serving no quality complaints for 5 consecutive years

8)management systems certificated by Medical Device Quality Management System. We can trace down to the responsible persons even for the tiniest details

Fu An Qi Rui massager features:

1.we only want to serve the distinguished 20% of the market share

Only serve for the 20% esteemed customers

2.95 % of the customers order on payment never meet with us

3.Qirui is not a small workshop. We have a 500 square meters office

4.5 years senior membership of Alibaba Gold Supplier of domestic trade which is featured with price transparency no hidden costs

5.We are a enterprise that participates in charitable and voluntary activities to give back to the society and fulfill our social responsibility

6.Self-owned R&D team, more than half of the R&D staff have been working on R&D for more than 10 years

7.Adopting the only intelligent automatic CNC machining center in Fu'an, the whole production line has almost no manual labor

Technical performance

1.The use of high-precision, high-hardness synchronous gear, imported DuPont POM achieving level 5 of material accuracy, the tooth surface is more wear-resistant, thus improving the life of the massager, but also effectively reduce the noise

2.Low vibration: Although the rotor has been precision machined, it has become in equilibrium. However, it is still balanced by high-precision dynamic balancing equipment. Therefore, the motor running vibration is very small.

3.Stable performance: key parts such as motor rotor and shaft are equipped with advanced CNC machining equipment to improve the interchangeability of parts.

4.Magnetic tile and carbon brush high efficiency, so the performance is stable, the motor uses double high material high-performance magnetic tile and high-quality carbon brush is more wear-resistant and non-magnetic loss, high efficiency, stable performance, and increased service life.

5.The transmission is stable and the bearing capacity is high: the worm teeth mesh with the worm gear teeth continuously, and there is no process of entering and exiting the meshing, so the work is stable, avoiding the pulsating noise, shock and vibration that instantaneously burst at the time of starting.

6.High safety, low noise, low temperature rise, built-in surge protector, motor rotor is made of high quality silicon steel sheet with copper material, temperature rise under normal load is less than 60K (ambient temperature 25°c), this series adopts high precision Low noise Z4 bearings further reduce noise and losses.

7.which are different from competitors' manufacturing processes. 23 heavy-duty inspections, all massager products including accessories, have achieved standardized design and production. Each product will undergo 20 minutes of silent testing and 40 minutes of performance testing before leaving the factory.

8.Use PTC ceramic heating components consume small power, controllable temperature, fast heating, instantaneous current surge protection, power consumption per hour only ¥0.02

9.The shell of the massager is made with imported original ABS, which is never doped with black material of secondary material. It has high toughness, impact resistance, higher strength and environmental protection. Its raw materials and manufacturing quality are more reliable and synchronized with top-level brands at home and abroad.

10.Low noise and high temperature resistance: the motor casing is made of seamless steel pipe, built-in EMC anti-interference, QZ-2/130 degree H-class insulation high temperature resistant pure copper wire, so the noise is low and high temperature resistant is good and safe。

11.Over 50,000 times of bionic resistance flexing test, green and environmentally friendly low-carbon formaldehyde-free skin-friendly leather, strictly in accordance with the "one inch and seven needles" international standard, hand-sewn, the length of the stitching is controlled at 0.4cm, and the error is less than 0.25mm. European and American standards will save your cost at least 30%。

12.U.S. DuPont POM Synchronous Gear Massage Head.

13.High temperature 60C°±2C°, low temperature -20C°±2C°, high and low temperature weather resistance recycling test, no cracking, no abnormality, ensuring stable quality.

Rui Rui insists on using environmentally friendly energy-saving materials

Tired to use the Rui Rui massager

Qirui massager for backache





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