Best massage chair,The low noise of the bass man-made bearing makes you sleep well

2020-07-08 20:49 | Readtime: 2min

Best massage chair,The low noise of the bass man-made bearing makes you sleep well.

There was a time when the massager industry was extremely popular, and a lot of people followed suit. Everyone thought it was right to follow the trend and they would make a small profit.

Because the market competition is intense, It thus followed that a lot of manufacturer began to compete on price as a result of the intense market competition. It brought about a chaotic market in which manufacturers sold shoddy goods. Customers cannot tell which company and product are good.

Massager quality market is also uneven. Like the large demand of cervical vertebra massager, the service life is not guaranteed and some are scrapped after less than a year. Many massagers’ movement shells use poor toughness and fragile secondary materials or even black material (most of them are made of toluene). Motor’s copper wire and silicon steel sheet may be cut corners or directly replaced by aluminum wire motor, which probably causes the burst of core shell and the heating and leakage. What's even sadder is that the massager has already been sold by weight. The numerous massagers which are cheap and inferior bring a lot of negative effect to massager industry.

There are some enterprises in any industry, even in a fiercely competitive situation, always insist on the comprehensive quality. They stick to serve only 20% of the valued customers.

Under the leadership of Mr. Wang huaping, general manager of our company, Qirui massagers persist in using environmentally friendly materials throughout. The shell of massager adopts imported ABS, which is high-toughness, impact resistant, high strength and environmentally friendly. The raw materials and manufacturing quality of the products are more reliable and synchronized with the top brands in domestic and overseas. We never adulterate secondary materials and low-quality materials. 



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