Massage chair,No customer quality complaints for 5 years

2020-07-08 20:40 | Readtime: 3min

The quality management system is to ensure that the products purchased by customers are safe, qualified, guaranteed and traceable. From customer demand, from the factory design and development to the raw materials into the factory inspection and production, from finished product inspection to distributor sales, product safety requirements are planned, implemented, monitored, debugged and improved during the whole process.Massage chair

Qirui is strictly in accordance with the requirements of medical device quality management system, from the purchase of raw materials produced by the supplier, to the inspection of raw materials into the factory, warehouse inspection and production process inspection. Mr. Wang, general manager of Qirui, requires that each massager must have 20-minute silence test in the running state. The results must be recorded and confirmed before the products leaves factory.

The quality management certification system is very good, but many companies just hold a certificate to show the customer, not actually implementing the business management. Take the event that oil leak of a major German brand car and tampering with the engine number some time ago as example. The lesson for me is not to trust big brands, but companies that are accountable to you.

Many companies in the quality management system certification and testing reports are very complete. But enterprises do certification just to get the certificate, and ignore the significance of establishing a truly effective quality management system. The quality management system is established to improve the quality of products, protect the interests of consumers and enhance the credibility of products. However, many enterprises would rather spend money to do a certificate to show the customer. It has already been through effective risk management to effectively reduce the risk of product quality accidents or adverse events, but they continue to produce according to bad habits. The certificate has become a decoration. Not to mention far, take how to deal with defective products as example, which is the most basic common sense. That is factories how to classify the defective products, so as not to adulterate into finished products to consumers as a safety hazard. However, many factories do not pay attention to such a simple problem, and they are still in disorder or mixed these products in the finished product area. 

Qirui is strict in management. As small as a needle can be traced back to the person responsible for. Every worker in the leather cover workshop has one needle for one machine without standby needles. Every worker is responsible for his own needle. If the needle breaks, every section must be recovered. Stick it on the specimen and register the time, machine number and employee's name for record, so as to facilitate traceability and inquiries in the future.Massage chair

The massagers of Qirui have passed 23 tests and 8 procedures. In order to guarantee quality, the whole staff our company participates in the quality management mechanism. Every employee is the quality control officer, ensuring the quality of raw materials from the source.



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