Annie Chen: 1.5 billion business in 3 years

2020-06-05 08:56 | Readtime: 3min

She is a Weibo celebrity with 10 million followers and a controversial post-90s entrepreneur with 130 million users in 3 years and a valuation of more than 1.5 billion. She is the founder of the quick-reading comic app, Chen Anni. 

"Great Anne"

In 1992, Chen Anni was born in Shantou, Guangdong. When she was a child, her biggest hobby was drawing. "Graffiti on textbooks and draw blackboards."

However, a family of four lives in a small house of 50 square meters.

Learn art? Can't afford it at home! Therefore, 18-year-old Chen Anni had to choose the hottest international trade specialist at that time.

It wasn't until her sophomore year in 2011 that she participated in a lecture by cartoonist Yang Xiaoru. She borrowed 500 pieces from her classmates and bought a digital tablet to start a career in hand-drawn cartoons.

Coincidentally, his younger brother Wen Chenghui founded the M Fang studio, which is missing a copy design. Unlike Chen Anni, Wen Chenghui is a rich second generation, rich and loves toss.

Since then, Wen Chenghui is responsible for funding, promotion and sales, and Chen Anni is responsible for creative design.

At the beginning, the main product was postcards.

Without material, Chen Anni looks for inspiration in her life, and draws out the little news, funny things, and small feelings in college.

The famous work is "2 in Guangwai", which is a topic of interest to everyone in the Tucao canteen, the difficulty of choosing courses, the name of the teacher, the imbalance of the male and female ratio.

As a result, more than 600 sets of postcards were sold that day.

It was also in this year that Chen Anni posted her comics on her Weibo account. It is said that the fans soared to 760,000 in a week.

Two years later, Chen Anni used her as a prototype and published the works "Annie and Wang Xiaoming", telling funny stories on campus, and won the "Golden Dragon Award" and "Gold Award for Best Humor Anime" in Chinese animation.

Today, the "Great Annie" Sina Weibo account has gained 10 million followers, and just posting a work can squeeze it into the top three of Weibo.

1 million in 3 days

Soon, Chen Anni found the direction of starting a business, "be an original platform and support comic authors like me."

So, in April 2014, Chen Anni came to Beijing and rented a 100-square-meter house at Huaqing Jiayuan in Wudaokou to start a business.

Can't recruit people? She used part-time college students.

Especially the technicians were found by Chen Anni in the QQ group. "If you catch someone related to technology, please ask him to recommend someone."

Eight months later, in November 2014, "Look at the Comics" came online.

Tencent's comics, are you so enchanted? Chen Anni is not afraid, because she has 10 million followers, all she has to do is to guide the "Quick Watch Comics" app.

On December 13 of that year, Chen Anni sent a comic "Sorry, I Only Live 1% of Life" to fans on Weibo.

About her own entrepreneurial experience and pain, such as staying up late to work, entrepreneurial setbacks, not buying clothes for a few months...

The results were reposted 330,000 times and received 270,000 likes in less than a day.

Yao Chen turned, Zhao Liying also turned, and eventually the comics were reprinted 450,000 times, and the number of readers exceeded 200 million.

It is said that the number of downloads of the "Quick Watch Comics" app increased by 300,000 on that day, and the number of users exceeded 1 million in 3 days.



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