Annie Chen: Annie's greatness

2020-06-05 08:53 | Readtime: 3min

 "Content operation is like a chef cooking. Only good ingredients can make a good dish. Having good content is always the premise of good operation." This is the key to Anne's success! 

First, the face value must not ignore the user's eyes. Many comics platforms think that comics with good content are enough, but they ignore the visual requirements of young people!

In Chen Anni's view, beautiful cover is the foundation, user vision is the key, and copy impact is the guarantee, "let readers capture the most critical information of the chapter at first glance."

For example, "Snowman" chose the moment when the male and female protagonists are about to kiss as the cover, plus the sentence "400-year-old Snow Prince transformed into a sultry model," the click conversion rate increased by 30%.

Second, the header content, less is more. Most of the domestic comic platforms, the home page will retain a lot of content for users to choose.

However, take a quick look at the comics app. Only two comics are displayed on each screen for users to choose from. Of course, behind the simplicity is the intelligent algorithm, "will recommend comics that users may like."

Third, grab users' attention. Chen Anni asked to use pictures as much as possible, so that users can watch it within 10 minutes. In the plot, the plots set a turning point in the plot at 2, 4, 6, and 8 minutes to continue to grab the user's attention.

Fourth, the era of symbols. What is a symbol? For quick reading comics, the symbol is human.

The original title of "Get My Brother Away" was originally called "Toubi Brother and Sister", and the author's Weibo has less than 2000 fans.

What Chen Anni likes is human design, talking about the quarrel between brother and sister every day. The younger sister has the skill of over-the-shoulder fall. Every time she falls over her brother, not the traditional brother bullying her sister!

For this reason, "Take my brother away" won the "Best Bronze Award" in the 12th China Animation Golden Dragon Award in September 2015.

Fifth, accurate positioning. It must be said that Chen Anni chose the right market after 95.

According to incomplete statistics, the total population of post-95s is about 78 million, and the per capita disposable income exceeds 5,000 yuan, which is 7 times that of post-80s.

Moreover, after 95, they are more interested in the second element, they are willing to pay for the game, and are willing to pay for the comics.

This is the main reason why Chen Anni can search on Weibo with just one shot, and you can't!

This topic after 90

Of course, the post-90s entrepreneurship has been receiving much attention, and there are applause from flowers, and there are doubts about verbal abuse.

It can be said that Chen Anni’s success has been mixed on the Internet. Some people call her a leader, some people call her "Dreamman", but she responds, "The name of the Dreamer is very good, and she has no reason to dream.

"I am me, a different fat woman." This is Chen Anni, who can't be beaten or defeated



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