Gan Yizhe: Operations are important, assets are light

2020-06-05 08:52 | Readtime: 3min

 "Operation and sales have to be important, if there are multiples, there are multiples, but the assets have to be light." Gan Yizhe said this is also the company's business philosophy. 

In the past six months, the Qianyu Islands team has also focused on team building and operational integration.

The first is to form a professional and professional design and engineering supervision team.

Qianyu Island Headquarters polished the standardized design samples, design assistants and project supervisors in various places implemented specific plans, and supervised the engineering team to complete the renovation project in accordance with Qianyu’s technical standards.

Renovated rooms in Qianyu Islands

The second is to prepare a flying house plan for the supply chain.

In order to improve engineering efficiency and shorten the period of house decoration, Qianyu Island team built its own warehouse integration system in Wuhan, and selected industry first-tier brand suppliers and warehouses for stocking.

The third is the operation management team.

In order to ensure that guests can obtain a standardized accommodation experience equivalent to a hotel in the relatively dispersed accommodation space of Qianyu Islands, Qianyu Islands has integrated the operation and management team of Hanting by improving the hotel's staffing, and then built a self-operated service system. .

The last is to develop a full set of intelligent systems and use the Internet to transform the traditional hotel industry.

The allocation and supervision of cleaning orders are all done on the mobile phone. The intelligent price adjustment function of the back-end management system can automatically give price adjustment suggestions based on platform data capture and inventory analysis. With this intelligent system, Qianyu has increased its operational efficiency by 20%.

"As long as the volume of 50 rooms in a relatively concentrated area with controllable operating costs is reached, we will be able to export accommodation space that is more competitive than hotels in the core area at 80% of the hotel's operating costs." Gan Yizhe told Chuangyebang.

According to Gan Yizhe, the average night price of Qianyu Islands is slightly lower than that of mid-range hotels, with an average monthly occupancy rate of more than 80% and a peak season of 100%.

At present, the company has thousands of rooms in more than 10 cities across the country including Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Dalian, Nanjing, Hangzhou, etc. Users can book on Qianyu Island applet, mainstream OTA platform and online short-term rental platform room.

In addition, Qianyu Islands has also opened up an investment and franchise system. But the joining policy is different from traditional hotels and homestays. In the latter case, as long as the investor pays, the management side makes money. And Qianyu Island only divides profits, does not divide revenue, and does not charge franchise fees. Investors can pay back as soon as 6 months.

Introduction of Qianyu Islands Founding Team

Founder and CEO Gan Yizhe, a post-90s serial entrepreneur, graduated from Peking University Law School and has an artificial intelligence entrepreneurial experience.

COO Hu Weikun, former COO of China Daily Rental (the earliest short-term rental platform in China), and former Ctrip's national sales director.

Vice Presidents Zou Weigang and Kang Youtian were former general managers and development directors of the former Super 8 District, and have been in the hotel industry for over ten years. The rest of the senior management team is composed of managers with more than ten years of experience, from companies such as Ctrip, Baidu and Ziru.



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