Dai Kebin: Can you rely on the Internet to make headhunters

2020-06-05 08:51 | Readtime: 2min

Until An Juke entered Dai Kebin's field of vision. 

Different from SouFun.com and E-House.com, in addition to finding housing for users, Anjuke also provides an online promotion platform for developers, intermediary companies, and brokers.

Specifically, similar to Taobao's product display mode, the most prominent are the search function and information filtering.

"Can you rely on the Internet to make headhunters larger?"

Therefore, on June 7, 2011, on the basis of the "Headhunting Network", Dai Kebin developed a "hunting recruitment king", which is characterized by openness. All resources such as job seekers, enterprises, and headhunters are placed on the platform. Everyone chooses each other.

Headhunting is of course free. Dai Kebin first used his connections to circle 50 gold headhunters and invited them to stay in the hunting king.

When the headhunter settles in, it naturally brings hundreds of high-end talents to settle in. Soon, the database reached 100,000.

In the past, headhunters were looking for people, headhunters were in the dark, and talents were in the bright. Now that everyone is on a platform, two-way choice, can the website be inactive?

The job seekers have to do is to upload their resume to "Hunting King".

In the meantime, Dai Kebin thought of various ways to protect user privacy. For example, job seekers can block certain companies, or they can hide their mobile phone numbers, and only show the 400 calls of Liying.com. Job seekers missed calls from headhunters, and the system will send text messages to remind them.

The most important thing is that Dai Kebin has increased offline services. Through holding quarterly and annual summit forums, various receptions, and talent recruitment special sessions, companies, headhunters and individuals can see, see, and see each other. through.



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