Dai Kebin: Expert advice, noble help

2020-06-05 08:51 | Readtime: 3min

The first distinguished person is of course Yao Jinbo. Old Yao is also interesting enough, for Dai Kebin not only gave money, gave strategic guidance, but also gave Dai Kebin a domain name, which is lietou.com. 

As you know, Yao Jinbo was one of the first four or five people to do domain names in China, so he took a lot of very valuable domain names in his hands. If according to the market price, just one lietou.com domain name, it would cost millions to say less.

The first master is Shao Yibo. Shao Yibo not only let Jingwei China vote in three consecutive rounds of A, B and C, but he also voted 7.5%. This is not counted, and Jiangnan Chun, who brought in Focus Media, became a shareholder. In a word, I'm extremely optimistic about Liying.com and Dai Kebin.

In November 2011, a commercial version of the "Man Gang" photo appeared on major online media. Dai Kebin stood in the middle, with Shao Yibo and Jiang Nanchun on both sides.

At that time, the same message kept repeating on the Focus Screen in the elevators of Beijing's major office buildings, "Find a headhunter, hire a recruiter, you are the elite."

It is through this low-cost way of exchanging resources for resources that Dai Kebin expands greatly while others reduce their investment and shrink the front.

If the recruitment network before 2011 is only a little higher quality and more active than other websites, after 2011, hunting recruitment is already a dark horse, standing out from a bunch of recruitment sites.

Bravely standing on top of the wave

In 2012, mobile Internet has become a trend. Dai Kebin caught this again, he first introduced the hunting secretary.

The biggest feature of the hiring secretary is the application based on big data and location, that is to say, the system will automatically recommend the position closest to the candidate according to the algorithm.

Interestingly, the two groups with the largest increments are college students. This is easy to understand, they accept new things fast. However, another group is migrant workers.

Why are they migrant workers? It will be clear after careful consideration.

Unlike the first generation of migrant workers who entered the city, the post-70s and post-80s migrant workers will all access the Internet. Although they do not have a computer, they will always bring a mobile phone. Therefore, finding a job and hiring a secretary have become standard for many migrant workers.

In 2014, Dai Kebin launched the Hunting and Recruiting App. This time, it is based entirely on the social application of expanding contacts. "The opportunity provider is not just the two centers of headhunting and corporate manpower managers, but everyone."

Isn't this the way to break my own? You should know that personal value-added is also an important source of income for hunting. Once the recruitment function is opened to individuals, who will pay?

But Dai Kebin is very confident because all he has to do is close the entire recruitment transaction. "From selling traffic, to selling services, to selling results."

In this way, in just 7 years, Liyingwang quickly occupied the first-tier cities such as North, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Nowadays, there are 11 branch companies in the country, with more than 40 million members, serving more than 500,000 companies, and nearly 100,000 headhunters use the hunting network. Its annual operating income exceeds 800 million.

According to the latest news, Liying.com has submitted listing application documents to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is about to land on Hong Kong stocks, with a valuation of more than US$1 billion.

Even now, Dai Kebin has to answer customer service calls every day, see user feedback every day, and visit major customer companies every day because he believes in a sentence, "Who creates value for customers will win the market."



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