Wang Jun: The company is valued at US$1 billion in less than

2020-06-05 08:50 | Readtime: 4min

June 4th was Wang Jun’s birthday. Last year, his family made him a cake painted with green trees. A few adults stand on the left side of the big tree, symbolizing Wang Jun’s current career in human life and health management, and on the right is a picture of a family of three holding hands. 

Some people may not know that this prestigious elite has a slightly nickname-Wang Dashu, which is the nickname given to him by his family. Since the founding of Carbon Cloud Intelligence, Wang Jun has been busy every day, but spends time with his family He didn't want to be less.

Every night, a living room filled with toys becomes one of the happiest venues for the family. Wang Jun often takes his son to play with toys. Preschool children are always full of whimsy, and many questions are like sweet bombs, thrown one after another, "Where do I come from?", "Who am I?"

Since childhood, Wang Jun also likes to think about these questions, but the answers he got at that time were always: "I picked it up in the trash", "I bought it from the shop next door", "I sent it from the country", and no one could give him the answer he wanted .

"People's perception of life is actually very superficial. Many individuals are in a state of loss. They don't really understand themselves."

So how do you understand yourself? What is life? This kind of strong curiosity is like a vine attached to the wall. It grows wildly in Wang Jun's heart. As the most important driving force for scientists, Wang Jun is moving toward the path of studying life science.

In 1992, 16-year-old Wang Jun left his hometown of Jiangsu to study biology at Peking University, thousands of miles away. During this period, he also studied computer and mathematics in an attempt to explore the problems that have plagued him for a long time through more disciplines.

In his graduation thesis, he constructed a digital ladybug, through a set of learning procedures, let it try to learn from the ladybug in nature, only one thing: predation. Wang Jun's digital ladybug has evolved almost exactly the same behavior as the ladybug in nature after more than 100,000 generations of self-iteration.

It turns out that in addition to computing, computers can also think and learn. The results of this experiment have brought great shock to Wang Jun. The digital ladybug can learn the predation method of the ladybug in nature through a set of algorithms and neural networks. Then, by observing the digital human, can it help self to interpret life? The mystery?

At this time, Wang Jun had only a prototype of an idea in mind. Although he was particularly interested in artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence involved cognition of the brain. At that time, human understanding of this piece had little foundation. Wang Jun needs to wait for an opportunity.

In the spring of 1999, China began to undertake 1% of human gene sequencing tasks. There was an urgent need for compound talents with both a biological background and computer proficiency to join the Human Genome Project. Wang Jun, who is a minor in computer science, naturally became a key recommendation for mentors.

After gathering the best scientists in China, Yang Huanming, 47, and Wang Jian, 45, led the team to overcome the difficulties of genetic research in China and achieved remarkable results along the way.

During this period of BGI, Wang Jun was not only a major participant in major projects such as the Human Genome Project and the Rice Genome Project, he also led the formation of the BGI Bioinformatics Platform and led the team to complete the first Asian genome, panda A series of benchmark projects such as genome, thousand human genome and human intestinal metagenome.

Although Wang Jun has always been obsessed with scientific research, at the age of 36, he was in charge of the world's largest genetic research institution. The identity of the youngest "senior" of Huada Gene and the CEO of Huada Gene still let the outside world hold Wang Jun. Attention and curiosity.

Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Outstanding Youth Fund Winner, 973 Chief Scientist, Top Ten Scientific Persons of the Year 2012, Selected by Nature Magazine, 40 Global Under 40 Elites, Scientific Research Fields, Selected by Fortune in 2013 These awards such as "Affect the World Chinese Awards" and so on have pushed Wang Jun from behind the scenes to the stage.

On some awards occasions, although young elites often get a lot of attention, Wang Jun is still humble and low-key when meeting his predecessors, quietly listening to you to share his latest scientific research, and actively discussing with you about academics. The problem.



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