Wang Jun is a brilliant person

2020-06-05 08:49 | Readtime: 2min

Wang Jian, the "Godfather of Genes" and chairman of BGI, is also very proud of his "heir". He has expressed his appreciation of Wang Jun on public occasions, and even said that "Wang Jun is a brilliant person . "And Wang Jun also proved his ability with his strength. 

BGI has developed a non-invasive prenatal DNA test product. The source of this idea comes from Wang Jun. Wang Jun's R&D vision and action advancement eventually gave birth to a product with great market prospects, and became one of BGI's core businesses.

Hua University also talked about the privatization of CG on the Nasdaq-listed company CG. The completion of this acquisition allowed Huada to obtain a number of patents and began to have the ability to independently produce sequencers.

It is reported that Wang Jun also showed extremely accurate judgment in the acquisition valuation of CG Company. Huada’s insiders once said, “Buda’s purchase of CG Company was confirmed by Wang Jun at the time. The final purchase price evaluated by the auditor was almost the same as Wang Jun’s. pride."

If it goes on like this, maybe Wang Jun will ring the bell of “victory” for BGI as the CEO of BGI in July last year. But standing at the moment, wearing a red suit, Wang Jun began another journey of entrepreneurship in another identity.

In the second half of 2015 (16th year of the founding of BGI), 39-year-old Wang Jun chose to resign from BGI.

This is the biggest "personnel earthquake" in the history of BGI. In addition to Wang Jun, it also involves the four core executives of BGI Technology CEO Li Yingrui, BGI COO Wu Chun, and BGI CIO Li Hao. member.

"In the sixteenth year of Hua Dynasty, Jun Wang went away, King Rui went along, and Yezong was on the top...", an employee of Huada even wrote a text on the matter on the anonymous social platform "Wu Mi".

Even a year after the incident, some netizens were still answering questions and asked Wang Jun: What is the reason for abandoning the world-famous and courageous Huada Gene and giving up the senior position of CEO? At this time, Wang Jun, as the founder of Carbon Cloud Intelligence, has led the company to complete a round of 1 billion yuan in round A financing in less than a year, and the company's valuation has reached 1 billion US dollars.

In this answer, Wang Jun first mentioned the most resolved problem in his college years-can computers think like humans, and secondly, the achievements of the Human Genome Project, that is, even a person’s complete life program is not understood Under the circumstances, through years of hard work, BGI has been able to change the program for reading a person’s genetic code into US$1,000 and below US$1,000.



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