Wang Jun: To understand genes is to understand life itself

2020-06-05 08:49 | Readtime: 4min

For Wang Jun, so far his mission at BGI has been completed. Next, he needs to do a more important thing, jump out of the gene to study the entire digital life, and use artificial intelligence methods and big data methods to really start from Understand life itself on a more systematic level. 

And this is back to Wang Jun's original intention, back to the question that has been thinking since childhood, "Who am I", "Where do I come from", "Where do I want to go". This time, he could finally find the answer to that question in his career.

"From a biological point of view, all people's origins are genes. Understanding genes means understanding life itself, and understanding the relationship between the environment and ourselves. When we digitize all genes, one thing that can really be done is To transform the life program that originally ran on carbon atoms into a set of life programs that ran on silicon atoms. Through this set of digital life programs, we can give everyone what they want."

In 2016, Carbon Cloud Intelligence established its first international base, hoping to use artificial intelligence technology to process and build a health big data platform to help people do health management. This concept is also vividly called by Wang Jun to create "Avatar" for everyone.

“When everyone’s digital life information is available, Carbon Cloud Intelligence can simulate a virtual “avatar” through artificial intelligence, helping people test the individual’s response to different drugs and medical products, and simulate the physiological changes of people in different environments. Status, etc., plays a role in life health management and prediction. "Managing digital life can deepen our understanding of life and improve people's quality of life. "He says.

No one seems to have more complete life data than Wang Jun in digitizing life. In order to study these data, he made various attempts, such as not eating for seven days, climbing the snow mountain, running a marathon, and getting drunk, to see how the physical data changed. Different attempts received different feedback on the changes.

"I'm an optimist. If not, I can't do so much innovation. Any innovation involves new things, but most people are afraid of new uncertain things. But I think if one day we can create a ratio Our smarter AI, we should be proud."

In January 2017, Carbon Cloud Intelligence released the digital health management platform for the first time-MiWo. At present, on the MIWo platform, users can experience digital life detection packages with different cognitive accuracy and experience indicators covering multiple health scenarios. Dimension, and continue to unlock precise intervention programs and health management applications such as accurate beauty skin care, sports training, weight management and so on.

In addition, the Digital Life Alliance created by Carbon Cloud Intelligence has also joined 7 companies including SomaLogic, HealthTell, PatientsLikeMe, AOBiome, GALT, Imagu and Tianjin Qiangweite Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

These top global life sciences, health network, sequencing, and artificial intelligence technology application companies will be responsible for the digital detection of different modules, and carbon cloud intelligence will be responsible for the user's entrance, providing a unified entrance to the products of the ecosphere company.

In the process of searching for himself, Wang Jun believes that breaking through the boundaries is the biggest difficulty of carbon cloud intelligence. For the cause, it is to disrupt all the boundaries and merge a good thing that the common people can use. For the self-life body, it is to break its own frame, and to look at the future and life in a holistic and integrated manner.

On the first day of the establishment of the Carbon Cloud, Wang Jun said to everyone, "If this is done, it will benefit all mankind. If it fails, Wang Jun will be folded at most."

In this revolution that subverts the existing health management methods, Wang Jun, as a charge, is full of fighting spirit and strength. "I might be the monkey who tried and tried. If I stood up and walked, I would become a human being."

On March 23, 2018, the Ministry of Science and Technology officially released the "2017 China Unicorn Enterprise Development Report", and carbon cloud intelligence was included as a unicorn in biotechnology.

After experiencing the life course of breaking soil, rooting, sprouting, etc., Wang Jun in his unforgettable years is really like a big tree, growing from a small seed to the towering tree.

Independent personality, free thinking, and crazy practice, Wang Jun integrated his love of life science into his career. Only "love" drives some people to do it: they are not understood for a lifetime, but they are willing to dedicate their lives to it. thing.



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