The first academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

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       Professor Ackerman is a well-known authority in the field of international aerial surveys. After reading his related works, Li Deren pointed out several questions in his article. 

   On the first day of New Year's work, the sunshine was so good, the reporter went to Wuhan University to visit Academician Li Deren.

   Academician Li Deren is the only academician in Hubei Province—elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991 and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1994. He has long been engaged in the teaching and research of geospatial informatics represented by remote sensing, global satellite positioning and geographic information systems, and is a famous photogrammetry and remote sensing scientist.

   Entering the State Key Laboratory of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing Information Engineering of Wuhan University, we are faced with the statue of Academician Wang Zhizhuo-Academician Wang, who is the teacher of Academician Li Deren.

   Academician Li Deren treats people with ease and smiles warmly, without any academic imagination. After seventy years of age, he is still walking vigorously. The academician told reporters that he had many years of field work experience when he was young. Now that he is climbing mountains with his students, he can often preempt the hilltop.

  Undergraduates questioned Soviet textbooks,

   was favored by Professor Wang Zhizhuo

   In 1957, 18-year-old Li Deren graduated from Taizhou Middle School in Jiangsu Province and applied for the Department of Engineering Physics at Peking University. Later, he was admitted to Wuhan Institute of Surveying and Mapping (hereinafter referred to as Wusi). At that time, the Dean of the Wuhan Institute of Surveying and Mapping was Professor Xia Jianbai, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (or academician), and the Director of the Department of Aeronautics and Surveying was Professor Wang Zhizhuo (also elected as a member of the Academy in 1980). Li Deren quickly fell in love with his major.

   Because the college entrance examination score is far ahead, Li Deren was appointed as the class leader as soon as he entered the school. Soon after, someone revealed that he had "improper remarks" when he served as the deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League in middle school in 1957, and the class leader was exempted. However, because his grades were indeed high-profile, he was transferred to the study committee.

   Li Deren said that the greatest feature of his life is that he does not believe in books and authority. When he was an undergraduate, he dared to question the formula in the textbook. In the fourth grade of college, he found problems in textbooks written by Soviet experts and wrote several articles. The article was first handed to the teacher Chen Shi, but Chen Shi was the son of Chen Blei. He was very cautious at this time. After reading it, he simply wrote a word "read". Li Deren was not reconciled and asked her classmate Zhu Yixuan to transfer the article to Professor Wang Zhizhuo (the daughters of Zhu Yixuan and Wang Zhizhuo are good friends). Wang Zhizhuo wrote many comments on Li Deren's article, and called Li Deren to his own Xiaoyanglou. Teachers and students talked for more than three hours, and even dinner was delayed. Li Deren said that Professor Wang can be sure that his student is right, saying that the Soviet scholar was wrong, which is a great encouragement to him. He continued to work hard and improved the formula of a Canadian professor in his college graduation design.

   University graduates faced 15 years of adversity,

   Remember Master Wang Zhizhuo's instructions

   In 1963, Li Deren graduated with an undergraduate degree. Professor Wang Zhizhuo encouraged Li Deren to apply for graduate students. There were 3 examination subjects selected in that year, Li Deren had two full marks and one 99 points. However, he was disqualified for admission because of the 1957 "unnecessary" material in the file.

   The arrogant of heaven will face up to 15 years of adversity in life.

   Fortunately, together with Li Deren was assigned to the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, there is also a female classmate Zhu Yixuan who has just determined a love relationship.

   It is always said that after a long time as a husband and wife, they will become more and more similar. In fact, the similarity between lovers is innate. Li Deren and Zhu Yixuan are upright and like to tell the truth and do practical things. When two people feel that they are in a relationship, they often communicate together. The classmates said that they were in love, and they "did not disappoint everyone" and really fell in love.

   Arrived in Shaanxi, Li Deren was assigned to the second topographic survey team, the main place of operation was in Xinjiang; Zhu Yixuan was assigned to the seventh topographic survey team, the main place of work was in Gansu. Although the two can't meet often, after all, they have the same voice and desire, and their feelings are increasing day by day.

   Professor Wang Zhizhuo has always been concerned about his proud students. He wrote the letter to the field team. He asked Li Deren not to lose the knowledge he had learned in the six years of college. He must use field measurement practice to find and solve problems.

   Keeping in mind the entrustment of the teacher, Li Deren quickly discovered that the survey manual used by the survey team had problems in his work-the formula in the manual is applicable to flat ground, not to mountain areas. He corrected this formula and initially tasted the sweetness of combining theory with practice. "At that time, I was young. I measured one mountain a day, and I could close the work at 4 o'clock in the afternoon; two mountains a day and the work was closed at 8 o'clock in the evening. We often climb two mountains a day, and come back at night and fear to meet the bear blind man, we sing loudly on the mountain road. ..."

  Building materials practice also yielded results,

   39 years old back to the Institute of Surveying and Mapping to study for a master

Although the young Li Deren was good at laughing at his own adversity, his teacher Wang Zhizhuo was still worried that he would be buried. One year later, Mr. Wang recommended him to Professor Chen Yongling, Director of the State Administration of Surveying and Mapping (and later elected an academician), and Li Deren was transferred. Go to the Information Research Office of the Scientific Research Institute of the State Administration of Surveying and Mapping, and edit two journals, Surveying and Mapping Translation Series and Surveying and Mapping Abstracts.

   Intelligence research has given Li Deren a lot of opportunities to read English and Russian documents. He also self-taught "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics" and "Matrix Algebra" during this period. In the "Cultural Revolution", Li Deren was a "revisionist seedling" cultivated by Wang Zhizhuo and Chen Yongling, two "reactionary academic authorities", so he was naturally unable to escape. In 1969, the entire system of the State Administration of Surveying and Mapping was cancelled. He and most of the personnel of the General Administration in Beijing were transferred to the "May 7th School" in Zhengyang, Henan, "bed to bed with Director Chen Yongling."

   In the cadre school, he worked as a construction worker, planted rice, and worked as a cook. "At that time, the rooster was 0.38 yuan per catty, and the hen was 0.45 yuan per catty. I bought 100 chickens at the market and made everyone a hundred chicken feast."

   In 1971, Li Deren was reassigned to Shijiazhuang Cement Product Factory. Taking this opportunity, he transferred Zhu Yixuan from the survey team in Gansu to the quartz glass factory in Shijiazhuang. The two married in 1967 and have been separated from each other. Only then did they really have a family.

   Worked as a worker in a cement plant for a year. The director loved him and transferred Li Deren to the laboratory as the person in charge. To this end, Li Deren self-taught three thick books on the university textbook "Silicate Technology", and went to Beijing National Building Materials Research Institute to study alumina cement testing technology. When others were "approving forests and approving holes", he collaborated with the Building Materials Research Institute to develop a "sulfoaluminate cement", which has the characteristics of fast setting, early strength, acid resistance, and expansibility. It was the first in the world and became the factory of the year. "Achievements of Approving Forests and Approving Holes".

   In view of his achievements in building materials practice, in 1978, the national resumed enrollment of graduate students, and Wu Zhongwei, chief engineer of the National Building Materials Research Institute (the second academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering), hoped that Li Deren would apply for his graduate student. But Li Deren also heard the call of his teacher Wang Zhizhuo. He decided to return to his alma mater martial arts test and resume his old career.

   This year, he was 39 years old.

   Also in this year, the sulfoaluminate cement series he developed in 1972 won the second prize of the first National Science and Technology Invention Award.

  Over 40 years old studying in Germany,

  Completed the defense and returned to school

   Li Deren did not live up to his teacher's expectations. His master's thesis corrected the popular viewpoint of system compensation effect in the world. A measurement method pioneered by him was called "Li Deren Method" by the international surveying circles. In 1982, after graduating from his master's degree, he went to Germany as a visiting scholar and then went to Germany as a visiting scholar. He first studied at the University of Bonn. Later, academician Wang Zhizhuo recommended him to Ackermann of Stuttgart University.

   Professor Ackerman is a well-known authority in the world of aerial surveying. After reading his related works, Li Deren pointedly pointed out several issues in his article. Professor Ackerman felt that this Chinese student dared to challenge authority and was very happy, saying, come and read my Ph.D.!

   In his doctoral thesis, Li Deren also proposed a new theory to distinguish different types of errors from each other. Grafalent, an internationally renowned theoretical geodetician, evaluated this paper: I am excited for this article, which solves a difficult problem in surveying for more than 100 years!

   On February 5, 1985, he finished his doctoral thesis defense. Li Deren embarked on the journey back home on the 23rd of the month. He did not speak any title or treatment. On the 28th, he stood on the platform of his alma mater to teach undergraduates.

   In 1991, Li Deren was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 1994, the Chinese Academy of Engineering was established, and Li Deren was elected as the first academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Li Deren, an academician of the two academies, later served as the last president before Wuhan University of Surveying and Mapping Technology was merged into Wuhan University. After the establishment of "New Wuda University", he has been the director of the Academic Committee of Wuda University. In addition to the heavy and trivial administrative work, he has been sticking to the State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering for Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing. He has brought more than 130 doctors, of which Gong Jianya, 53, has just been elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.



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