Poor villager Shen Youdi's entrepreneurial road

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      A young girl who has just reached the age of 14 and has only primary school education, and is a poor farmer girl. It is hard to imagine how difficult it is for her to go out alone to make a living. However, it is such a peasant girl who has little culture and no skills. He actually found a way to start a business for himself, and achieved success. This has to make us feel sincere admiration! 

  The entrepreneurship of poor villagers, Lu Youdi, was born in 1975 in a poor mountain village in Shaodong County, Hunan. There are two sisters and a younger brother in the family. The father is a semi-disabled person with only three fingers. The family is so poor that sometimes he cannot even eat. When Shen Youdi was 5 years old, her father even gave her to her uncle for support. When Shen Youdi was 13 years old, her father died because of illness and money. The family took advantage of the west to get together and easily got 1,000 yuan to bury his father. In a situation where the family is too poor to expose, 14-year-old Shen Youdi had to help relatives. Work away from home.

At first, Shen Youdi picked a brick to carry a mortar on an infrastructure construction site. This was the hardest and most tiring work. A girl of only 14 years old could not bear such heavy physical work. After only 3 months, she quit Took the job. Later, Shen Youdi came to Guilin alone. In the unaccompanied Guilin. Shen Youdi had to work as a nanny in the owner's house of a development gallery. Seeing that Shen Youdi is honest and hard-working, the boss of the hair salon asked her to learn to wash her hair first, and then learn to cut hair. Although Shen Youdi is not willing to make a haircut, she knows that a person cannot stand on the ground without craftsmanship. After working hard for a while, Shen Youdi learned to cut her hair. After a few months, she became a skilled teacher. then. Shen Youdi no longer works as a nanny, but she works as a barber in another hair salon. After working for two years in this hair salon, 18-year-old Shen Youdi wanted to open her own. She borrowed 3,000 yuan from her elder sister and opened a hair salon on a small street in Guilin. Because Shen Youdi has good craftsmanship and a particularly enthusiastic service attitude, so many customers come to haircuts, and the hair salon business is booming. A month down. Shen Youdi's hair salon can have a net income of more than 2,000 yuan, which was very high at the time, because the income of an ordinary employee was less than 200 yuan. Although she became the owner of the hair salon for a few years and made some money, Shen Youdi did not like doing haircuts. When she heard from her friends, Wenzhou's money is very good, and it is very good to work or do business. So, Shen Youdi went to Wenzhou with friends.

  After coming to Wenzhou, because she couldn't find a good thing to do for a while, Shen Youdi worked as a waiter in a restaurant, and she was paid 1,000 yuan a month. After a short time, Shen Youdi thought that it would be better to be a waiter than to reopen a hair salon. She took out the income from part-time work to rent a house of more than 10 square meters, and then bought some hairdressing tools, so she. Shen Youdi's small hair salon opened again. At that time, there were many people working and doing small business in Wenzhou. They were reluctant to spend a high price to go to a high-end hair salon for haircuts. The business of Shen Youdi Hair Salon is as good as when she was in Guilin, and she can still earn more than 2,000 yuan a month.

  Shen Youdi thought that she could just live in plain life in Wenzhou, but the intrusion of a man changed her life afterwards. The man's sister is in the hardware business and specializes in vibrating sticks. After she lived with this man, his sister told them, "You two will find a way to make a vibrating stick. Anyway, her shop will sell this product." Vibrating rods are used in the construction industry. The purpose is to vibrate the concrete, and the product needs to be strong and durable. Since this product is produced by a small workshop, the product quality is not very good. If you can pass the product quality, the prospects are very good. Shen Youdi diligently studied the production technology of vibrating rods, and repeated experiments and continuous improvement by herself, and finally mastered the entire production process and some technical essentials of vibrating rods. She struggled with this man for more than two years. More than 100,000 were made by vibrator production. Just when a good and happy time is about to be sent to Shen Youdi, the man suddenly changed his mind and kicked Shen Youdi away with all kinds of excuses, and only gave her 6000 yuan.

  After Shen Youdi left the man, she endured sorrow and determination to start her own business. She knows that the vibrating rod is a consumable item in the construction industry. Since the construction industry is so prosperous, the future of the vibrating rod is very great. She first asked for help at home. I hope to get support. Who knows how much money the family can't provide to support her, and she doesn't approve of taking risks to set up a factory. Shen Youdi thinks over and over again. Decided to ask some of her old customers for help, hoping to set up a factory in cooperation, she will provide the technology, the customer will provide the funds, and the profit will be divided into four or six, and she only needs 40%. An old customer of Yongkang knows Shen Youdi's technology is good. The quality of the products made is excellent. So he agreed to Shen Youdi's request in one bite.

After cooperating to set up the factory, Shen Youdi made great efforts, working hard for more than 10 hours a day, tens of pounds of vibrating rods moved around, and a large hammer of several pounds, even a man couldn't eat it, but Shen Youdi just clenched her teeth and stood up. Factory products are of good quality. The sales are good. The benefits are very impressive. However, the client who funded the factory did the demolition of the bridge. He made an excuse to say that Shen Youdi was neither right nor wrong. Eventually, the two sides broke up the cooperation to set up the factory because of differences. Shen Youdi only got 50,000 yuan.

   Lessons from the failure of cooperating to set up factories. Let Shen Youdi understand the truth, if you want to do a career, you must rely on yourself, others can't rely on it. August 1, 2005. Shen Youdi took out all her savings and set up a "Shenxin Vibration Rod Processing Factory" in Yongkang.

   The factory was set up, and the product quality was also personally checked by Shen Youdi. So there is no difficulty in production, but sales are a problem. Because, Shen Youdi's factory is not famous. It is difficult to gain the trust of others; second, there is a lack of sufficient funds to distribute goods to dealers; third, there is insufficient social relations and no own marketing network. Faced with these difficulties, Shen Youdi felt that she could only knock on the market door by relying on the excellent quality of the products. So Shen Youdi personally sent the products to various hardware stores for trial sales, and also sent them to some construction units for trial. Wait for the sale. It feels good to use it, and then pay the payment. After Shen Youdi ran for a while, he achieved very good results. Some customers have used Shen Youdi's products. All told the owner of the hardware store that this product has a large vibration force, a long wear time, and the quality is indeed very good. The hardware dealers have restocked from her. Suddenly, Shen Youdi's product sales opened. In the first year, her factory sales revenue exceeded 800,000 yuan.

  In 2007, Shen Youdi changed Shenxin Vibrating Rod Factory to Shenxin Vibrating Rod Co., Ltd. While striving to create distributor channels. Shen Youdi joined Alibaba. Become a member of Alibaba TrustPass. Using Alibaba's blog and forum as a platform, Shen Youdi sent messages widely. Make the business nationwide. In a short period of time, hundreds of distributors across the country sent invitations to Shen Youdi, willing to be her product agents. In only half a year, the sales performance of Shenxin Vibrating Rod Co., Ltd. has rapidly increased from 1 million to 6 million. At the 5th Global Internet Business Conference in 2008, Shenxin Vibrating Rod Co., Ltd. won the top 30 in domestic trade. Now Shen Youdi's wish is to make her vibrating rod into a domestic first-class product in order to develop a wider market nationwide.



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