Linna: Witches have "money"

2020-06-05 08:47 | Readtime: 3min

       Linna is a French girl who graduated from a prestigious university and works in a travel company. Because of her professional relationship, she has been to many places, and she runs out every year on vacation. 

Two years ago, Linna and her boyfriend John went to the UK for a holiday, playing in the Wookey Hills in Somerset. When they were enchanted by the beautiful scenery of nature, a strangely dressed person wearing a mask suddenly appeared in In front of them, she looked like a beautiful witch!

  With strong curiosity, tourists took photos with the witch. The tour guide told Linna that the Wookey Cave here has a history of more than 50,000 years. There is a long-standing story in the local area that there is a witch living in the cave, in order to prevent the beasts in the mountain from running out and hurting people She patrols the mountains all the time and carries her goats and dogs. No matter how ferocious animals, they will become very obedient in front of the witch...

  This beautiful legend adds a lot of mysterious colors to the scenic spots. The operator in charge of this attraction suddenly wanted to create a magical cave. To this end, he specially placed an advertisement and announced that he would recruit a "witch in the cave" to attract customers. Every day, he appears in the vicinity of the cave and introduces tourists to the sights.

   This easy and fun job, the annual salary can receive 60,000 pounds, Linna moved. The work in the office building is boring and trivial, and the income is not high. Where is it more fun to be a "witch"?

After returning from a British tour, Linna searched the Internet and found that many famous tourist attractions in the world have beautiful and mysterious legends. If you can find someone to play the role of the legend like the Wookey Cave in the UK Customers favor, tourism developers will naturally earn more.

   Next, Linna simply resigned and sat in front of her computer every day, emailing many tourist attractions and telling them her ideas. Soon, many scenic spots called Linna and expressed interest in the project, and actively sent information to introduce local customs and asked her to tailor the legendary protagonist.

  Carefully sorted out these materials, Linna posted another "witch", according to where they want to work, they will play the cupids, mermaids, Santa Claus and magicians, etc., respectively. After some careful selection, the first four candidates were determined.

  Lina trained them one by one according to the needs of the storyline and carefully packed the image. These four people quickly went to different jobs. More than a month later, the four scenic spots all required to formally sign a cooperation agreement, and asked Linna to continue to provide talents in this area.

   won the first battle, not only let Linna make a profit, but also increased her confidence to continue this career. After more than a year of development, she has cooperated with more than 60 tourist destinations around the world. With the company's website click-through rate soaring, more and more people have fallen in love with her "witch" career.



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