Xu Zhaoke: An overwhelming man

2020-06-05 08:46 | Readtime: 7min

       Xu Zhaoke said that he is both a boss and a salesperson himself, so he knows that he has to endure long-term loneliness when discussing business, so he never blames his employees. He always encourages everyone. We are not lacking in ability, but we have not yet succeeded. As long as we persist, there will be performance. 

  Man overwhelmingly difficult to start a business When talking about the belief in starting a business in an interview, Xu Zhaoke was silent for a while, saying only two words, "Persevere."

  Xu Zhaoke said that he is both a boss and a salesman, so he knows that everyone has to endure long-term loneliness when discussing business, so he never blames his employees. He always encourages everyone. We are not lacking in ability, but we have not yet succeeded. As long as we persist, there will be performance.

   is to stick to the two words, so that he and his team have gone through the confusion of the early stage of entrepreneurship, the joy of successfully signing orders, and will accompany them to the ideal of going further. It sounds a little humiliating, but everyone knows how difficult it is to start a business in the context of the economic crisis sweeping the world. Xu Zhaoke said with a smile, young entrepreneurs are strong in China, and only stronger entrepreneurs can have a stronger China.

Xu Zhaoke served as a soldier and once crawled under the wire mesh in the mud, just like the men in ``Soldier Assault''; he also spent a leisurely day in state-owned enterprises, drinking tea and reading newspapers every day to hone his patience; Later, he went to the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou and other places, starting with ordinary salesmen; then, he returned to Yangjiang and started marketing in foreign trade. Later, as you can see, he became the boss himself and chose a completely blank item in the local market, IZO Enterprise TV-the world's leading 3G video commercial total solution provider. IZO Enterprise TV is a new media that combines the advantages of the four major media such as print, TV, radio, and the Internet, creating a new blue ocean of business video and setting off a revolution in the popularization of China's Internet business video. Based on business video, IZO has invested heavily in cooperating extensively with world-class companies such as Cisco, AVAYA, Intel, AT&T, ALTERA, SUN, and Microsoft to deeply integrate the Internet and telecommunications networks, track China's 3G development, and operate with superior technology Businesses, governments, enterprises and customers in various industries provide innovative 3G video commercial products and overall solutions. IZO's outstanding strength and leading technological advantages in six major product areas such as rich media business video, high-definition video conferencing, wireless video surveillance, high-definition digital multimedia, and unified communications.IZO aims to meet customer needs and provide innovation and customers to global customers. Products and services to help customers achieve sustained profitability and success, and build a free and broad future for video communications.

  His life resume is full of his footprints. Unexpectedly, Xu Zhaoke said that the biggest impact on his entrepreneurship was the experience of state-owned enterprises. Enduring loneliness and loneliness is the true meaning of doing business. Being a soldier, selling, and making a market, these hardships for him are wealth, but if he does not understand how to endure loneliness and loneliness, he cannot turn these hardships into wealth and use it freely. When IZO Enterprise TV just settled in Yangjiang, Xu Zhaoke and his team experienced loneliness as an agent of a world-renowned brand. The support of the headquarters was meticulous and warm, but the local market was their real battlefield. He chose an emerging project. The local business owner didn't say if he could accept the product, they didn't even know what the product was. Many people come here and may start to wonder about their choices and become discouraged about their products. But Xu Zhaoke said that this is an opportunity. If a product has reached the point of being a household name, then the market is already saturated. When he chose IZO Enterprise TV, he liked the prospect of "no video, no business". If he mentioned a product that even kids on the street knew, then he would not choose it at all, because he had already abused the street!

  He started by selecting target customers. For the development of the market, finding customers is an esoteric knowledge. According to product characteristics, Xu Zhaoke targeted companies that advertise on TV stations. These target customer groups have strong publicity needs and have their own videos, but there is a problem of not using the video to the extreme. IZO Enterprise TV is a product that perfectly fits the needs of these customer groups. Xu Zhaoke learned that many companies still used the old-fashioned way to play videos with disc players and other machines for customers to appreciate, which made him more confident that IZO corporate TV will be able to shine here. And his second goal is to seize the resources of film and television companies. They hold a lot of information about potential customers. Finding these companies is equivalent to finding opportunities.

  The second step is to visit customers and popularize products. Xu Zhaoke has made all preparations long ago. In his words, it is to face the blow of all customers with unbreakable faith. It is common for a customer to visit him more than ten times. The lonely one is still behind. The business owner is negotiating with the guests. He just sits face to face and waits. This embarrassment cannot be overcome by anyone. The result of waiting for an hour is often less than five minutes. In this short period of time, he quickly recommends the product and does everything he can to attract customers' attention. After the customer promises a free trial, he has to face the difficulties of the network company, because the customer's website is often held in the hands of the network company, which is equivalent to strangling his lifeline. Xu Zhaoke can only make breakthroughs from the company's CEOs, edit dynamic albums for customers, etc. These seemingly unnecessary work has won the interest of customers, and finally let the customers say, "It looks very interesting."

  Customer trial is equal to success. When referring to the secret of persuading the customer to try, Xu Zhaoke confessed that there is no other secret. The words and phrases do not work. The only thing that can impress customers is your own confidence in the product. If, as an operator, you have no confidence in your products, then this business does not need to be discussed anymore. The premise of full confidence is that you have a thorough understanding of your products. Product functions, advantages, and prospects must all be said eloquently. If you are a salesperson, you will love your products. Without love, everything is in vain.

   Xu Zhaoke's entrepreneurial road seems to be full of thorns, and his sword is to persevere. Perseverance can overcome a difficulty, the customer does not understand the product, he insists on visiting; the customer has new needs, he insists on learning... But he never thinks this is suffering, his journey is full of joy and gain. Xu Zhaoke talked to one of his own hospital customers, and the first visit to that order was successful. The hospital spends two to three hundred thousand yuan each year on TV advertising, focusing on image promotion and audience interaction. This is his primary target customer. Before visiting, Xu Zhaoke prepared IZO enterprise TV classic medical industry application cases, with confidence. The gesture grabbed the customer's heart at once.

  Is it difficult to start a business under the financial crisis? Difficult, if you are a timid and unconfident person, it is even more difficult. Is it difficult to start a business under the financial crisis? No, if you are a person who insists on being patient and confident, you will despise all difficulties



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