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2020-04-29 20:23 | Readtime: 3min
1.Spending 3 to 4 hours a day on driving for work makes your waist and back ache.
2.After sitting all day at the computer, your shoulders are stiff as if they have turned to stone at night. Your neck aches and doesn’t twist well.
3.When traveling by car, the muscles in the back, neck and shoulders are tense.
I've tried other massagers that cant’t either vibrate or heat well, or that are too heavy to carry. But this massager is different because it has a travel bag for you to take with. To make the massage more comfortable, it has a piece of soft fabric on the massage head. You can do a deep tissue massage on your neck, back and even the whole body to relax the muscles. Qirui massager is popular and available on Amazon, Wal-Mart, Lotte Mart, Naipo, Zyllion, Brooktone, etc.
It is equipped with AC adapter (110-220v) and car adapter (12V DC). You can use it at home, in the office or car. The design of ergonomic U shap with unique joints makes this massager perfect for different body parts. There are 3 speeds for you to choose. Infrared heating temperature is suitable for human body temperature (113℉/ 45℃). Overheating protection and 15 - minute automatic shutdown ensure your safety. American DuPont POM gear which is more wear-resistance and smooth with high precision and hardness. Thus, it improves the service life of the massager, and the noise can be reduced to less than 40 dB, like the sound in the reading room.
Real machines are sent to be tested, and the reports are evidence. Fujian Institute of Product Quality Inspection (the earliest provincial quality inspection institute established in China, which ranks among the tops in terms of overall scale and comprehensive strength in testing).
As a portable massager, appearance level must match your taste. It has strict selection of leather which has passed environmental testing and safety certification, strictly conforming to "One inch, seven stitches" international standard to be low-profile, luxurious, simple, fashionable and elegant. In addition to the high appearance, a variety of attentive details are also impressed. At the moment of touching, the leather sheath feels delicate and soft. The leather sheath is pure hand stitched and its stitches are straight and even. The length of stitches is controlled at 0.4cm, and the error does not exceed 0.25mm.
According to the standards of the exporting country, it passed the test of high voltage in short time and leakage protection safety.
Adopting built-in overheat and overcurrent protector to detect the output current intelligently and prevent the hidden danger of excessive current.
Inside exists anti-interference EMC and QZ-2/130℃ pure copper wire with H class insulation and high-temperature resistance, so it will has low noise and high temperature resistance.
Adopting PTC ceramic heating element, the neck massager is little power consumption, temperature-controllable and fast heating. It has instantaneous current shock protection and its electricity consumption is only 0.02 yuan per hour.
Different from other manufacturing processes, it must pass quality detection of 23 items and all the massager products, including the accessories, have achieved standardized design and production. Each product should pass 20 minutes of silent detection and 40 minutes of operation re-test before being qualified and leaving the factory.



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