apology letter

2020-03-31 10:47 | Readtime: 1min

I'm really sorry to all of you. Recently, my friends / Weibo have posted a lot of advertisements. I know that everyone will have some opinions on me, but the new platform has just been launched, and you must try it yourself. If friends read / Do not support this platform if used, then there must be a problem with this platform, it must be in the wrong direction, or the demand is wrong, did not do a good job of the platform's unique advantages.

    We are also constantly adding practical new features, iterating product updates, paying close attention to details, and working hard to make stories as long as you can type.

    Born to choose a place, registration is free, member benefits: ten articles can be published, interactive evaluation, good collection of articles, follow the author and other functions ...

    Direct benefits for VIP members:

1. VIP members can publish an unlimited number of articles.

2. Article content can be added with advertisements and contact information.

3. You can link to your own website in the article.

    Of course, there are extra benefits, invisible benefits, and benefits that peers cannot give. These benefits will be experienced when you upgrade to VIP members.

    I am a little embarrassed to send advertisements on the screen. I hope that friends who love writing can choose our place to experience our products. We will continue to improve in the process of posting articles. This is a great help to us. Everyone has a relatively open writing space, and together with the choice of place to record works that are worth a lifetime of pride.


          September 13, 2018



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