Born today, three major functions were updated.

2020-03-31 10:38 | Readtime: 55sec

The bustling crowd outside the window, the sky has darkened, the street lights are gradually bright, sitting in the office looking out the window, thinking that it is time for dinner ...

     Today is a harvest day, full of joy.

     Today, three new functions have been added for land selection:

     1. Born for land selection, I applied for the bear's paw and obtained certification, and made basic settings. I will do detailed design settings tomorrow; the bear's paw is a mobile Baidu promotion tool, which will be used well.

     2. Added tagging function for website articles: the keywords at the end of the current article are collected below. The label function is very helpful for the seo optimization of the big station.

     3. An interesting feature has been added for choosing a place: Whenever a user article gets a review, a text message notification will be received: Someone has rated your article XXX View Now: Attach the viewing URL.

The third feature is very interesting. Can you guess what it means?



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