What should I do if the new site does not include the inner

2020-03-31 10:35 | Readtime: 1min

The site selected for the site was registered for 2 months and 20 days as of today. The website was launched on 8.18. It was launched for 16 days as of today. However, Baidu only included the homepage of the website, and an article on the inner page of site: www.zediersheng.com also It is not included, 360 is also included in the home page, and other search engines have not yet been included.

     Ignore other search engines for the time being, and Baidu has included too few of them. It has been online for half a month and there are no inner page articles. I believe most of the inner page articles are of good quality.

     In this matter, we made some adjustments, added an xml site map to the website: http://www.zediersheng.com/sitemap.xml, and added a website xml map in robots.txt (the spider protocol).

     In Baidu, I applied for the bear palm, and designed the port to interface with the website.

     I use other websites to add links for site selection. The key word is entrepreneurship.

     And submitted a link to the internal page of the website in Baidu Webmaster Tools.

I hope Baidu will include the inner pages as soon as possible ~~~



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