How to optimize the B2B information already included in Baid

2020-03-31 10:28 | Readtime: 48sec

[Student consultation] Q: Teacher Cheng, the B2B information I sent. I searched for the title of the information in the Baidu search box. Baidu has included it. If you only search for information with keywords, you will not be able to search. Then the article with this main keyword needs to continue. Send it? How can I optimize the B2B information already included in Baidu to the homepage?

Answer: 1. First, judge the difficulty of optimizing competition for keywords (the easiest way to judge is: search for the keyword on Baidu. If the first three pages have a B2B platform internal page ranking, it means that the competitiveness is not high)

2. The original quality of the content, and the relevance of keywords and content should be strong (reasonable keyword density is higher)

3. What is the relationship between the platform itself and Baidu? (If the platform as a whole is downgraded, even sending 1W messages on the platform will not help)

Thank you!



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