From "Sales Proposition" to "Value Proposition"
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:57
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Ask yourself, is your company oriented towards customer needs, or under sales pressure?

        From the transformation and expansion of the sales proposition to the value proposition, there are 6 issues we need to think about:

        1) Ask yourself, is your company oriented towards customer needs, or under sales pressure?

        When the sales situation is decent, issues such as customer demand will be considered; while the current economic environment is in a downturn, sales pressure must be very high, and more than 90% of companies will not consider any customer demand. Price wars have become the norm, and quality is going to get worse and worse. Such a situation will inevitably lead to comprehensive dishonesty, crude production, inferiority, counterfeiting, and parallel imports.

        2) Do you always compete with your peers in terms of price, sales method or product characteristics?

        The best way to compete with peers is to reposition the target customer group, but this is extremely difficult. The bosses generally do not even have this awareness. How can it be possible to make a market competition plan with a positioning strategy. The sales method basically revolves around the leading idea of "price war", and does some promotion methods that it considers to be Taobao's advanced operations, essentially a market strategy to win at a low price. As for product characteristics, more than 90% of products in China do not exist. Most of them are bragging and not drafting. It is easy for ordinary customers to identify unless the scammer cheats, that is another story.

        3) Are the online or weekly consultations recommended by word of mouth?

        From online consultation, more than 80% of # should be promoted through free online promotion or bidding. Taobao's e-commerce estimates that 99% come from direct trains and exhibitions. Inquiries from word of mouth are the patents of a few merchants, which may mean that each industry is relatively concentrated on some merchants. The domestic high-end consumer market is often based on word of mouth. Without recommendations from trusted people, it is difficult to do Long time in high-end markets.

        4) As a seller, how well do you know the opinions of customers?

        This is a huge mystery. Generally, it is difficult for sellers to understand the customer's point of view, but they all think that they understand the customer's point of view or needs. If the merchant really understands the customer's views and needs, maybe at least half of the company's life should be good now, but this is not the case at all. Explain that our current enterprises basically do not understand customers, coupled with a severe overcapacity, how much do you say companies know about customers? I want to say that blindness is a common market phenomenon.

        5) More importantly, as a seller, do you make every effort to realize the needs of customers?

        Even if the sellers go all out to achieve it, it is difficult to maintain this endurance because they don't really understand the customer's needs. The bigger the company, the more it lacks this power. On the contrary, it is a small and micro enterprise that knows that its body is not too strong, so it is a little funny to do it at all costs, but it is true because Xiaowei Companies are too eager to keep their little market. They have to live on this little sale.

        6) Does the target customer think you are different from other companies?

        For a group of particularly well-known large and medium-sized enterprises, they are indeed different from the target customers; there are also a large number of small and micro enterprises. Although their combined weight is still small, they are also the target customers. different. After all, an unusual company is a minority of a minority, and it is a small probability event.

        These problems are also the problems that # Zhang Youwei # itself is going to solve, so we started to solve them in 2017.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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