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Give students more follow-up value, make up for various shortcomings in doing business, and give some necessary and indispensable experience to help

Why do you want to be a "Zhang Youwei Online Business Experience" community?

        In fact, the simple answer to this question is:

1) The students of # Zhang Youwei# are almost all studying online promotion. Only a small number of students have marketing awareness, and many students have no sales (selling) awareness. They simply think that as long as they do Online promotion, business comes naturally. Understanding internet marketing as internet promotion, it seems that traffic solves all the problems of doing online business.

2) Since the courses are "B2B Promotion Class for E-commerce Xiaobai" and "Advanced Network Promotion and SEO Class", the title highlights online promotion, and the subconsciously is online promotion. Although I have to talk about the basics of "marketing" and "planning" in both courses, it is not a marketing planning course after all, so most of the questions asked by students after the class are the current market situation, what should I do? ? This should actually be a question of marketing, and the students asked how to write and express better online. This should be a question of copywriting planning and sales strategy. Without the foundation of marketing + planning, it is difficult to understand even if you answer it. You have to start from the beginning to talk about marketing and planning. The more you say, the more you ca n’t understand.

3) The biggest problem is that many students who have grown up in the Internet environment have not done one-on-one sales on the ground, lacking the experience and practice of sales promotion, and there are many business people who do business based on the imagination of "I think" The trainees are e-commerce ambassadors and have no sense of internet. In the absence of ground sales practices and a sense of network, it is difficult to do business online, and there may be no problems in living.

         In view of the above reasons, I still want to find a way to give students more follow-up value, make up for various shortcomings in doing business, and give some necessary and indispensable experience and help, especially in business economics, it is a synthesis of various disciplines The practical knowledge that can be used is easy to use. Without them, sometimes it is really impossible. Therefore, I just want to do more of an "online business experience" community.

Dear students,

        I said at the annual meeting of the trainees in Shenzhen that I plan to be a community of 150 people, mainly about online business experience. I will inform you of the following:

        This group is an "online business classics" community owned by # Zhang Youwei#. Each week, there are 30 ~ 45 minutes / time audio lessons. Each class only teaches one knowledge of business classics and its story. At the end of the week, students must choose one theme from the two business books, write their own learning experience, or do a business-like story by themselves. The number of original blogs is more than 500.

        A total of 104 business classics in 52 weeks a year, interspersed with the practical experience of doing business online and offline, which I have accumulated for more than 20 years, with each knowledge point (marketing, advertising, cognitive psychology, sales psychology, experimental psychology , Mass communication, various philosophical viewpoints, etc.) as the theoretical basis, both interpreting the business classics and telling stories to communicate with the students, the main lecture is about 20 minutes, followed by communication and interaction.

1. Membership fee: 365 yuan / year / person

Professional benefits of joining this group:

1) Students 'ideology, selling points to replace buying points, reshape customers' minds

2) Listen to the Business Scriptures, write something meaningful, and refine the writing paradigm

3) Use business experience to boost sales and pay for different scenarios

Third, the special benefits of joining this group:

1) This group does not dissolve and continues to provide value

2) The community is social, promoting student cooperation

3) Students also share, let you precise advertising

[Group requirements]

1) Participants write a blog post on any one of the two business classics that are taught each week and publish it on the website of their choice.

2) Every 5 people form a group with 1 team leader. In this group, students who do n’t finish their homework should donate 100 yuan, and other students who complete the homework should also donate 25 yuan. Half of them are used for red envelopes and half for offline activities. (All funds are announced in the group)

3) This group will hold an offline sharing event for half a year, mainly for students to speak on stage.

        This group of students is not open to the public, and it is only open to Shenzhen # Zhang Youwei# participants for 3 days, with a total of 150, forming a community. After 3 days, the extra places in this group will be open to other student groups.

thank you all!

[Remarks] Students in this group can combine themselves into a group and choose the group leader.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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