B2B Deals and Promotion Online Lessons That Will Never End
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The biggest advantage of QQ group lectures is that it lengthens the time and answers one-on-one. Learning one step at a time is absolutely helpful for e-commerce Xiaobai. It can digest the operation details little by little in the process of promotion. , Master the details and improve proficiency. Some operation details are to solve the problem in the process of doing it. If you do n’t do it, you just listen to it. You can only remember 40% of the content of the day, and only 20% of the next day. After two weeks, you are still busy. If you do it, you basically return it to the teacher.

       Now, the tutoring and answering questions of the QQ group of trainees are mainly @ Cheng Junbang doing, he has persisted for nearly 4 years, and it is also very hard and not easy. In the future, I will also give some thoughtful guidance, and how to overcome the "lazy" psychological obstacles in the process of making, and how to improve the marketing content, not only the amount of promotion, but the quality of the promotion content Do it. At the same time, B2B class tried 3 months of QQ group network class.

        # Zhang Youwei# also implies a valuable service. In the past few days, @ Cheng Junbang and promotion have been here with me. I see that he has at least 10 trainees every day asking questions on Huixin, QQ, and phone, plus answering questions in the QQ group almost every day. He has been doing this for 4 years in a row. Whenever a student asks him a question, he basically responds one by one. This moves me. So, reward him with a bottle of beer last night ...

        For several years, # Zhang Youwei# After the end of each class, the students will be retained in the QQ group and given long-term Q & A. After all, it is impossible to pass 3 to 4 days of study. All the students can already Be independent or stand on its own. Our follow-up tutoring will play a key role. To this end, I will keep the QQ2 group and give centralized follow-up tutoring. This will be a class that never ends.

        Don't think that 3000 yuan is expensive, because you will be serious, you can learn well. If it is 3 yuan, will you study hard? Absolutely not! Because it is expensive, those inexplicable people will not come, and our QQ group is not a crowd. With the threshold, it is the valuable people. 20 hours in 3 months, plus 2 days of offline courses. Is it expensive? It's not expensive at all, it's all elites.

        # Zhang Youwei# QQ2 Group Network Class: B2B Deal and Promotion Class

        Zhang Caogen used the 12-year history of online business to teach you B2B promotion operations and how to make order transactions.

        The best way for e-commerce Xiaobai to get started is the B2B platform (hundreds of platforms such as Ali), whether it is Taobao Tmall e-commerce, and various service items, you can post supplies on the B2B platform Information, through the platform to sell or close orders. I have used this method for more than 10 years. It has been an evergreen tree for online promotion and transaction. It is no better for Xiaobai to get started.

        The biggest benefit of this QQ2 group online course (15 people in small class) is that the operation steps of B2B promotion can be divided into 20 class hours and completed in 3 months, while learning while operating, the operation details are not clear, @ Cheng Junbang Ask and answer questions and questions in the QQ group. This course can greatly reduce the pressure of learning, and the more you promote, the more you will feel successful.

        Planning-level artist @ will teach daily essential methods such as photo shooting, color matching, drawing specifications and how to communicate with the artist.

        While studying promotion, I will explain more than ten years of B2B platform operation experience and order transaction techniques to e-commerce students, so that you not only learn to do promotion, but also how to do order transactions on the B2B platform This is definitely not a book that was copied in a mess, it is all my online business experience.

        As long as you follow the course content and obediently, during the three-month study and promotion period, you have completed the release of 3,000 high-quality supply information. Online orders have come one after another. At that time, you will become more and more powerful, and more and more playful.

        After studying in this group for 3 months (20 hours), and finally 2 days of intensive offline retraining, through the offline face-to-face lecture with me and Mr. Cheng Long, you can enter the door of online marketing. During the study period, you have completed the release of 3,000 high-quality supply information. There may be orders to start. Your first step in online business has been successful.

        [Key service] Teacher Cheng Long will provide counseling and answering questions in the QQ group for a long time. Old students need not worry, the original QQ group is still there and can continue to help you.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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