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As an online business operator, you must do the most basic network promotion, not understand it, but do it; you can learn 80 levels, and you can do 60 points.

         More than three years have passed, and it still maintains the highest ranking of online marketing reading. It can be seen that this course is not so-called "outdated". In essence, what we have learned in the university is only a foundation, and everything depends on learning and continuous practice after entering the society.

        For online promotion in online marketing, I think it is 80 points to learn and 60 points to do well. Because an online business has to learn 99 levels of network promotion, that has deviated from the identity of the online business. It is to do learning and research academics. You are no longer a businessman. I think this is not the final result that our online business wants.

        There are too many methods for network promotion. Someone did statistics in the early years, there are about 500 kinds. If an online merchant wants to learn more than 500 ways to promote the Internet ... Do you think it is necessary? Even if you do it all, you may have to work from the 20s to the 60s, but not all of them can be done. The question is, is it effective to do something like this?

        We all know the 80/20 rule, so we should not do it in a big and comprehensive way. It should be enough to focus on a few methods. I have been doing internet marketing since 2004. There are 12 methods that I have really done seriously. More, in the end I think that about 6 ~ 8 methods are completely enough. I don't really need so many internet promotion methods. In the Umi course, 6 methods were described, and I have been using them until now.

        As a network operator, I think there are three promotion techniques that must be learned and must be done. It is useless to understand. You must not just be satisfied with understanding. As long as you don't read Spanish or Portuguese books, as long as the lecturer uses Chinese, you will definitely understand. Understood, does not mean to do it, only to do it is true kung fu.

        First of all, Xiaobai's introduction is the online promotion of the B2B platform, and it must be practiced on at least 60 ~ 120 B2B platforms. This is a low-tech activity that can be practiced. As long as the title and content of the B2B supply information are carefully written, the B2B platform is as good as possible Provide the friendly link, keep resending the information once a day, basically even if you are done.

        Secondly, after the introduction of the B2B platform promotion, it is necessary to seize the time to break through the SEO Baidu optimization of the official website keywords. This is relatively a work in progress (and free of charge). I now do # E-commerce #, The core keywords of industrial products or environmental protection equipment have been kept on the homepage of Baidu 80% of the time. Almost there are no B2B supply information or updates for 5 to 6 years. Although there is nothing to promote on the Internet, there have been customers from Baidu to consult and online business has been doing it for 5 to 6 years. That's the benefit of doing SEO.

        Finally, it is to write Weibo. Although this is not a technical job, it is hundreds of times more difficult than the popular technical job. Weibo is a huge community. Everyone has it. In the end, you have to find a way to write a personal online brand. This is the first thing to do in business. Without trust as the foundation, it is difficult to do it on Weibo. good business. The students of # Zhang Youwei# were originally more than 90% from Weibo, and now they are about 80%.

Make 3 suggestions:

       Many people will think about why they should write a "correct nonsense" blog post, because the content is in the video of the Yomi course, so there is no need to repeat it.

        1) For online promotion, these methods are just tools, they cannot solve the essential problem of doing business.

        2) As an online business, you must be able to do the most basic network promotion, not understand; you must do it; you can learn 80 levels, you can do a 60-point foundation, but you must achieve a solid 60 points.

        3) The work of doing business is to have sales propositions: characteristics, advantages, benefits; valuable propositions: trust, connotation, commitment.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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