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Createtime:2020-03-31 17:41
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Just wanting to write an impression blog post of @ Authentic painting King Liu Zhao, but fortunately he wrote an article this morning, less or less 224, less is more. In less than a year, his growth in online sales has made me very happy and pleased.

1) The trainees of the two #

Zhang Youwei # are really less than one year. The second B2B class in Shenzhen on April 8-10, 2016, and the third marketing plan class in Shanghai on July 23-26.

2) After completing the B2B class, I wrote 200 blogs (headlines) continuously for 200 days in a stretch. I don't have the perseverance;

3) After finishing the marketing planning class, I reduced more than 1,000 genuine paints to 13 sub-categories in one breath, and began a gathering journey; O Zhang Youwei

4) Liu is always a stationmaster, so SEO is a piece of cake for him. He wrote a blog post one month after the B2B class (2016-05-09): SB Dafa has already achieved initial results. SB Dafa has already achieved initial results

5) I went to Guangzhou to tutor a company to do marketing planning twice, and he participated in the whole process, especially at the @ on March 15 ~ 17, and made a return when I went back. For him, it is a historic decision, retaining only two categories, "wall paint" and "waterproof paint", and also significantly reducing the product models in the brand. The focus has reached a new historical stage;

6) Instead of having too many products, too many customers, and small actual output, service and management can not keep up, it is better to seriously reject some customers. Try your best to do precision marketing, improve service, and improve internal management. This move made him more than 2 million (2015) before studying, increased to 5 million in 16 years, and strive to achieve 10 million this year.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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