Psychological Roles in Social and Marketing
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:26
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I and I went to Japan to inspect new retail together on March 10 ~ 13 of this year. I took a picture of the "Souya Bookstore" in Daikanyama, Tokyo. It was built in December 2011 and is a national bookstore chain. And CD and DVD rental shop "TSUTAYA", but very different from "TSUTAYA", no matter the store decoration or book display, all exude style and personality, extremely stylish.

        Although the bookstore did not make any publicity, people who actually visited it exposed it on twitter and facebook, causing instant conversation. After only one or two months of opening the store, you can see the "Daiguanshan Aya House Bookshop Visiting Experience" everywhere. Why is this?

Tokyo Daikanyama Takuya Bookstore Tokyo Daikanyama Takuya Bookstore

The psychological role of social networking:

        People hope that while they are still unknown, they will go to the topical place and get comments from friends around them. In addition, they will be able to play themselves "different, know how to enjoy fashion art and have taste." People. "

        In fact, we all have such feelings, and have seen countless "seeing death" stories on Weibo and QQ.

        Many experimental psychologists have conducted a survey of thousands of people, and 34% of the respondents think that “when I see what a real friend is saying and doing on Facebook, it makes me feel completely different from the person I know”. Mainly manifested in:

1) Feeling reluctantly pretending;

2) Words and deeds on the Internet are completely different from reality;

3) Intentionally show only the good side of yourself. In other words, people feel like they are playing themselves.

Tokyo Daikanyama Takuya Bookstore Tokyo Daikanyama Takuya Bookstore


        On the social media of the Internet, almost everyone is more or less acting as "the one who wants to be considered like this". In real life, everyone will play various "psychological roles" due to different realities and ages.


        When we do marketing planning, some consumer products (especially female products) need to consider the positioning of psychological roles. On Monday, the little girl was a professional woman. On Friday, she may be a hot girl, and she may become a boyish casual when shopping on the weekend. Therefore, many girls live in the psychological role of wanting others to see her this way or that. Generally speaking, each person has about 3 to 5 psychological roles, with females being the most typical.

        In fact, many product ad copy that you see in your daily life are all suggesting that as long as you have it, you can become such a person, or achieve such a glory.

        Not all products use the concept of psychological role when positioning target customers, but we do use the concept of psychological role when planning some consumer products. There will be a lot of fresh ideas emerging here, which will make you very Very excited.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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