80/20 Rule Based on Profit Data
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:25
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1. The 80/20 rule is not a business rule. It is a natural rule that conforms to everything, but it is too much applied in business. We mistake it as a business rule.

Second, in order to drive traffic to Taobao Tmall stores, I will not go through the train. 90% of the stores (7 million sellers) are losing money. One of the important reasons is driving. Therefore, the first method to pull traffic is to use the B2B platform.

1) First, I will find 100 good B2B platforms (both domestic and foreign B2B platforms are the same) for promotion. What is a good B2B platform? Know the amount of traffic with a tool.

2) I will find that out of 100 good B2B platforms, 20 B2B platforms are better. At this time, I will turn my attention to these 20 B2B platforms for promotion, supply information and product pictures. Do better and post more information.

3) In the end, I will feel that 20% of the 20 B2B platforms are better, that is, 4 platforms exceed the other 96. I will focus on the promotion of these 4 B2B platforms, and also Will go to run his own 4 enterprise stations, this is the 80/20 rule used twice, 20% of 20%. In the end, I spent 80% of my energy and time on these 4 B2B platforms. It is possible to make 4 paid members.

3. Of the company's 100 products, 4 must not only be the best-selling, but also the most profitable. This is why I have repeatedly advocated and emphasized that the product must be subtracted and focused. It has brought together limited people and property Use the truth.

4. Of the company's 100 salespersons, 4 must be the best at doing business, so the boss must be sober, and don't be busy recruiting because the sales are better. Four sales elites used it well and managed to keep it.

V. There are no less than 100 promotion methods on the entire network, but for you, there may be only 4 methods that are most suitable. You must use these 4 methods in combination. This is called network integration promotion. Pay particular attention.

Sixth, there are many domestic e-commerce trainings that cannot be counted, but there are definitely four of them are the best, and #Great class# is the difference between all institutions, not theory, but only practical exercises. No student regrets it, only regrets come late ... you know, hahaha ...

There is a big class: Obedience to do it, it is not difficult to make money!


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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