Simplicity, Refined from Complexity
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:24
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First, the simpler the better. Applying this concept to the practice of network marketing, my understanding is three things, or three major problems of network marketing:

        1) How do you get customers to find you on the Internet, or find you first? This is the skills and proficiency of online promotion. There are technologies and techniques here, and there is also a problem of quantitative change to qualitative change.

        2) How to make customers trust you? To find you, you need to trust you more. Trust is the foundation of all business.

        3) How to make customers pay for it or place an order for you? There can be more than one seller or supplier that can be trusted. Now it can be said that there is a serious surplus, and there is a need to have a reason to refuse, or the extension of multiple selling points.

        Second, less is more, and often more effective. Applying this concept to product focus, many bosses and students in the classroom have also proved this

        1) Make a single category or single product

        2) Gradually reduce product SKU

        3) Make your own brand products

        4) Or walk on two legs, both as a brand for others, but gradually focus on your own brand.

        3. Doing Business with Cognitive Bias in the Rule of thumb

        This is more cruel to say. Marketing is to use the human weakness in the minds of the people who eat melon, and set bait with cognitive biases, waiting for you to bite. Many sales techniques are designed for so-called "right" or "correct" understandings, which are very acceptable to you.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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