Thinking about e-commerce Xiaobai
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:23
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1) People cannot think about things and things they do not know. So for Xiaobai, obedience is a good way. Don't doubt, what do you doubt? You can't think about what marketing should say, nor can you think of a method that works for you.

2) Xiaobai is not terrible. The terrible thing is to "say hearsay" everywhere. Who is better? Hey, did he show you the bank passbook?

3) For each good method, if you do not build cognition, or if cognition is not upgraded, the effect will not be good. There is nothing wrong with the method. The fault is that you do not have a deep understanding of this method. How about vibrato? For me selling Roots blowers is not good at all; for @ selling instant noodles, good, good, very good. This is cognition.

         By the way, how can I make you take a detour? Or intentionally hurt you? At most, my level is grass-roots level, but the grass-roots methods have been tested in practice. It may not make you rich and rich, but it can make you rich and happy, and live a decent and dignified life, provided that You have to obey.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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