US Warby Parker glasses e-commerce case
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:22
Product details

1) For grassroots, there are not many good business opportunities right now, but you can find products from high-priced monopoly consumer goods, follow the roots to find the source manufacturers, and directly skip the middlemen for online direct sales.

        2) Good business opportunities, generally do not exist in low-priced products, but to find from high-priced products, and these high-priced products are monopolized in sales.

        3) Abandon the e-commerce platform in traditional thinking habits and build its own official website for sales without relying on the e-commerce platform. Entering Taobao and platforms is equivalent to telling your peers about an opportunity. Immediately there are countless peers to learn from, and soon your peers will do better than you, and will overwhelm you in terms of scale.

        4) Establish your own independent blog, which introduces a lot of information about the performance and functions of the product, user usage, etc. This will build trust and increase the confidence of prospective customers and customers. Moreover, it is of great benefit to improve the ranking of keywords and long tail keywords, and precise traffic naturally comes.

        5) Properly do a few social media (Weibo Weixin, etc.) to promote and disseminate the product, and the amount of the concept of building a brand changes.

        6) We should see that in the next few years, "Own official website + independent blog + Weibo Weixin + own community" is an e-commerce trend. Why not take advantage of the current Weibo Weixin's grasp and gradually establish yourself E-commerce business model. (A few hundred words are omitted here)

        Students who have a lot of online classes should pay more attention to it. I think this idea is more reliable and operable. Many people can get started.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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