Really Socialize and Do What Is Within Our Power
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:18
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[Social Cognitive Upgrade]

1. Social is definitely an old concept, but now it seems to be the most important, but how many people are sincere? The level of sincerity is different for business life and for socializing in order to make money selling goods.

Second, online social networking uses blog posts or short passages to open the road, but the text written to strangers can't move people's hearts. Only by writing to a close friend can strangers be touched.

Third, Weibo is indeed a weak relationship, but since the true text of a strong relationship is not needed, in the end there is not even a weak relationship, that is, it does not matter. Weixin is indeed a strong relationship, but it is essentially a weak relationship, or it is just a relationship of buying and selling and face. This feeling is sometimes more uncomfortable than no relationship.

Really socialize and do things within our abilities (Keywords: sincere, within our abilities)

1) Through various promotion channels, let the trusted and robbed customers take the initiative to add you as a friend, and then keep the customers in the WeChat circle of friends.

2) In order to achieve the purpose of Article 1, we need to write "What the customer wants to see and see". This is the power of content marketing.

3) In order to attract more customers, we have to repost those blog posts with content quality on multiple Internet platforms to rob more customers.

4) In order to continue or write more blog posts (including stories), I think it is necessary to design three themes: work and life, customers and services, products and facts.

5) Send messages or repost blog posts to 100 ~ 200 Internet platforms.

6) [Ideal] Establish a strong friend relationship on Weibo and help you forward information on WeChat.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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