Too many products, how to do subtraction?
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On the evening of October 12, chatting with more than 20 students from Dayou Online Class for 3 hours, about half of the students' performance improved significantly. The first major reason for the improvement was the determination to do product line subtraction. After the second subtraction, the sales performance has been increased by 30% or more, and some sales performance has decreased significantly, but this is a superficial phenomenon because the net income has increased instead.

        4 major market gestures for classroom students

        1) Make a single category or single product

        2) Gradually reduce product SKU

        3) Make your own brand products

        4) Or walk on two legs, both as a brand for others, but gradually focus on your own brand.

        Too many products, how to do subtraction?

        One or two and eight laws are used three times. First find 20% of the products, then 20% of the 20%, then 20% of the 20% = 0.8% = 1%.

        2. In the product sales statistics, we find greater business opportunities:

        1) In the sales statistics of previous years, first find the head products with large sales volume.

        2) The large sales volume is because the price is low, and the corresponding profit is low, or even very low.

        3) The main point is to analyze the tail products with small sales volume. They have high prices but high profits. They are tail products with profit growth points.

        How to choose products:

        1) High-margin tail products are not necessarily small markets. In fact, there are no small markets in China. Subdivided target customer markets can create billionaires.

        2) For tail products with high prices and high profits, you just do not make the product's selling point extension (features, advantages, benefits, and decentness), so if the price is high, you can't move the market.

        3) [Core] If the price is 10% higher than its peers, but you want to create 30 ~ 50% more value for the customer, then their price is not high, and the customer is certainly willing to accept it. If you don't make clear the reasons for high prices, of course, you can't move the market.

        4) Customers must also use the two-eighth law to recognize that there must be high-end customers in the market. Our first step is to target 20% of 20%, that is, 4% of high-end customers. Where are they? You ca n’t or it ’s hard to find it on the ground. It must be promoted through the Internet to let them find you.

        5) The great significance of the Internet, I think that it is to let randomly distributed high-end customers find rich people who can't find it on the ground, and let them find you on the Internet easily, but also actively add your friends and lie This is the greatest charm of the Internet.

        6) Subtract the product line, so that you have limited time and energy to focus on very few products. This is only a superficial phenomenon. The key is to let rich customers find you, and doing business with rich people is easy.


        1) There are all products on the official website, which can be understood as the official website of the corporate brand image. Don't promote it, just show it.

        2) The ground channel has been precipitated for many years, so the official website of the brand image is to cooperate with the ground sales channel.

        3) The key is to promote online, you must focus on one or several products, and repeat the key points to build customers' minds. Mind is the ultimate goal of positioning strategy.

        To target the market for target customers, we must use the law of two or eight:

        1) 20% of target customers are obviously too many and can be attracted with promoted content.

        2) 20% of the 20% = 4%, the best positioning, using price to distinguish precise customers.

        3) 20% of 4% = 0.8%, positioning comfort zone, trusting your target customers, not sensitive to price, is the key niche for sales performance to increase or even double, and it is also the segmentation that I often say can not be subdivided Market.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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