"Unable to do" and "Unable to write"
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:09
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For a long time (perhaps seven years), some students have said that they will not do it, and I am also very confused. In Internet marketing, only SEO is the only technical activity. If you have n’t learned it, you will not do it Take it for granted. Except for SEO, it seems that there are no methods and tools that are difficult, and it is difficult to move even if they are difficult, is there? I see none.

       Today, seven years later, slowly and slowly come to understand that it is not "won't do", but "what can't be written" what customers want to see. My God, this problem must be stumped by writers and writers. In fact, how to write the content well, I also talked about the "characteristics, advantages, and decent mood" countless times. Expand what I think is the content marketing of companies and products. There are also four major ideas and 16 aspects I have planned.

       Now that I have an outline for content marketing, I also talked about how to expand the outline of the lesson in the morning class of Business Economics. I remember there is a lesson in speech. In that lesson, I used the title of "Fight One to Nine" and also designed 9 specifically. In this scenario, the opening sentence (or the opening word) is actually a template for speech. Why can't I write the content?

       It turned out that the level of writing articles was not enough. This time, I really can't help it. Writing an article means writing more and writing more, and naturally it will write a level of content that customers want to see.

       Still want to emphasize again, do not express "won't write" what the customer wants to see, use words or words to express "will not do."

       These seven years have been an extremely painful process for me, and I cannot understand why.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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