How to get through the hardest 0~0.1 of starting a business
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:04
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The book "From 0 to 1" written by Peter Thiel is very hot, I believe most people have seen or heard of it. My personal experience is that the hardest part of starting a business is the stage from 0 to 0.1. Either the process of this immortal process is very long, or 95% of them die in this process.

1) If the first stage you set is 20 million annual sales, then your 0.1 is 2 million. (Usually, I like to set the first threshold of business development at an annual sales of 20 million.)

2) When you decide to achieve annual sales of 2 million, then you must have a set of ideas (higher and higher is that you have a strategy), because it is grassroots entrepreneurship, then your product choice must be a large single product The series must not exceed this category. Your target market must be a niche or extremely segmented crowd.

3) There must be a market gesture that complements the idea. Most of the time should be to choose online sales. And there must not be many specific methods, there are 3 to 4 promotion methods at most. Because you are grassroots and have no money to recruit many employees, #E-commerce # The best thing is the boss alone war.

4) Take the printer business of the new student Ding Boss Ding as an example, and explain our carding process in detail. After sorting out the business model for nearly five hours, we have got three new business models, each with its own unique advantages. (30 minutes of morning speech, omitted here)

5) Do not want to start from 0 to 1, but think about 0 to 0.1. This is the most difficult process. Life and death are all tied to this 0.1. This process is the most difficult, so it is necessary to quantify the annual sales of 2 million. Almost everything that is qualitative is stomping on the watermelon rind. This small goal must be achieved, and it is the first step of the first step. Otherwise, it is impossible to talk about the "300,000 years left" in the small startup success.

6) Few people are inherently good at doing business, even if they are masters. Therefore, it is necessary to have a mentor to help discuss it at the beginning of the business. This is called "getting a horse and getting a ride", and most of the first entrepreneurs are boring their heads to think about it. Very long, either die in the process.

[Dayou Class] It is not difficult to make money by obedient.


Zhang Youwei

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