A new student is engaged in printer leasing business online
Createtime:2020-03-31 17:01
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I discussed with him in the office for nearly 5 hours yesterday. From listening to him about the industry, to his company's resources and products, his US printers and inks have very obvious advantages, but I still find that his business model has Larger issues of principle.

        Inkjet printer leasing, although it is a differentiated business model, from the perspective of #, the search volume of core and long-tail keywords is very large, and there are dozens of long-term keywords that are particularly relevant. , And the natural ranking of SEO optimization competition is not fierce. I estimate that about 6 months, through SEO optimization will be on the homepage of Baidu, 360 search and Sogou's mobile phone and PC, and then the precise traffic will not run out, which is the advantage of online marketing. And @Cheng Junbang is particularly good at SEO, which can help solve the problem.

        On October 13 ~ 14 in Shanghai, there is a 2-antenna lesson in a big classroom. The main topic is the "King of Baidu Homepage" on the mobile phone and the PC, and my "18 methods of SEO3 tricks", which can solve his search naturally. Ranking issues.

        In this way, I changed his main business to the online sales of inkjet printers and inks, but did not give up the leasing business. A total of three ways of sales and leasing models were formed, each with its own unique advantages.

        The marketing plan for the printer business has just started, and I believe it will be more exciting in the future. He himself also felt that after discussing the plan together with us, his thinking has been broadened n times, and his understanding of online sales has also been greatly improved, and his confidence has greatly increased.

        Although he is a new student, he was a student of # Zhang Youwei # a few years ago. He has worked as a senior in an inkjet printer factory in the United States for several years, giving him the confidence to make his own career. He said that this is also what I heard. I worked in the factory for a few years and then cooperated with my old owner to start my own business. This time, I started with the full support of the American factory.

        Do you say he will have no advantage?

        [Dayou Class] It is not difficult to make money by obedient.


Zhang Youwei

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