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Students all know that I have always advocated the blog marketing concept of "selling products is worse than selling myself", but I have been doing environmental protection equipment and engineering, so it is difficult to tell students a case of how to sell consumer goods, because I do not like to talk about What I haven't done. I can move on to a case where others have done very well in consumer goods, but my heart is awkward.

        Consumer goods, my understanding of it is that there must be a soul in it, just like I love Raf Lauren for the same reason. Otherwise, you have no way to like a brand like Lav Lauren. Of course, I did not look for the soul of many brands of "Chaimi Youyan", because then I would be very tired.

        If you have read the book Your Image Is Million, you will value your image.

        Yes, the entrepreneurial path that Mr. and Mrs. Du have traveled has moved me like other classmates.

        If there isn't a trademark worthy of your touching (Hua Tianbao is not yet a brand), you will not buy its products, except for Chaimi oil and salt. There are many touching stories about Hailing clothing created by Mr. and Mrs. Du, but consumers and I have never known. They have never said to outsiders, why should outsiders love products with the trademark "Hua Tianbao"? No reason.

        How to find the entrance to the brand?

        I have exchanged this question with President Du. He said he is old, don't say us, I don't know why he said that? Forget it, since he refuses to use his own story to build a brand, I don't want to work hard.

        In a sense, "Hua Tianbao" is positioned as a Japanese and Korean style fast fashion women's clothing brand in the future. Therefore, I also feel that starting from his story is a bit inappropriate. Hua Tianbao, a Japanese and Korean style fast-fashion women's clothing brand, should start from "young", but how to do it? Which theme is the small goal that young people are pursuing?

        After three successive trips to Hailing, Guangzhou, I have a strong impression. Hailing has a girl iron army team consisting of post-85s and post-90s. Some of their offline learning and party activities strongly signal a signal. , An unforgettable desire and pursuit of his own career. They have made 5,000 sellers in 5 stalls in 6 years. I think that the entry point for shaping the Huatianbao brand should be here.

        In just 2 months of contact with Hua Tianbao, I have imagined many designs that shape the brand, but none of them seem to touch me. I'm not touched, this brand design will definitely not touch consumers. I remember the first time I was in Hailing, Guangzhou. After picking me up at the airport and @, those 3 days have been @ Huang communicates with us more ... Later, President Du told me that Xiao Huang was already a partner, and this touched me very much.

        At the time, I made a picture that also seemed to mean that.

Interpretation of Huatianbao brand Interpretation of Huatianbao brand

This is a brand interpretation I did when I went to Hailing, Guangzhou for the first time in March. At that time, the feeling was not very mature and it was not as clear as it is now. Anyway, I have such an impression in my heart ...

         During the two days of the Dragon Boat Festival, I slowly sorted out the things in my head. The more I combed, the more I felt. It seemed to find the entry point of the "Huatianbao" brand: Targeting the target customers to women in the post-85s and post-90s women There is a small goal dream in the early stages of life. Become a partner of a future brand first.

[Breaking into Branding]

1) Positioning women after 85 and 90;

2) They have a strong dedication and pursuit of life;

3) Dream small goal is to become a partner of the future brand.

It's lunch time ... Thank you classmates.

[Appendix] Huatianbao Brand Story

Behavioral psychologists believe that 80% of our impressions of others come from non-verbal factors. In other words, most of it comes from the senses. This is why the boss must meet with an employee before hiring it. Now, back to the topic of brands, why do companies and marketers ignore these 80% factors when building brands?

[Sensory Brand]

        Tell a story of # Partner, this story is based on the real character of @

        A girl who tirelessly pursues a career dream

        Carry a dream

        Come to guangzhou

        Growing from a buyer to a partner of Hanada Po

        A little girl from the province

        Unimaginable dream

        She achieved

        She has always been grateful

        Put all my effort and effort into


        The boss asked me to learn

        Pay me back

        I must not be lazy

        I'm busy but I can't stop

        I can only grit my teeth silently

        Rest on the street

        Still planning

        Customers to visit next

        Hit the road

        The youthful smile on the road blooms again

        Because I saw it already

        The scenery that belongs to her

        Hanada Treasure


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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