Where does the selling point of the steelyard cut in?
Createtime:2020-03-31 16:03
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In the afternoon, we talked with Wei Xin, the boss student who is a traditional steelyard scale, to discuss the selling points of different sales segments. Traditional steelyards are no longer used. Electronic scales are now used, and steelyards are just a symbol of traditional culture, not scales for weighing.

       The traditional steelyard scale shown in the picture, what exactly should be sold, so that consumers can pay for it? Needless to say, this is a very difficult question. Needless to discuss impulsive consumers, but what should other consumers say?

       After an hour of in-depth and repeated exchange of views (as if it was the 4th voice communication), the overall opinion I gave him was this:

        1) The metaphorical concept of "weighing heart and wishing well" is being used. Although this selling point concept is extremely broad-spectrum, it is slightly bland. People want to be satisfied in their hearts. There are many methods or products to do it.

        2) Continue to search for a point that is already in the subconscious but has not yet been awakened. This point is to make people feel agitated when they hear it, and suddenly feel and perceive the tremor deep inside. As for what it is, I don't know, but it must exist.

        3) In the past communication, because he was very unfamiliar with his steelyard, he just thought of connecting with Feng Shui, but had no other thoughts. And this discussion, based on the previous few exchanges, has produced requirements for new metaphor concepts, and the other two concepts he said also seem to be slightly flat, and we exchanged views in depth.

        4) From the current sales situation, Beijing's self-operated stores are still quite satisfactory. I think the concept of traditional steelyard culture is still very promising.

        5) At present, the main focus is on steelyards. Derivative products cannot be considered. This will greatly distract energy, so stop immediately. This is a common problem of all startups. Focus, only focus is the best strategy.

        6) Make corrections as you do. In the process of creation, creative inspiration will naturally come. Use the "Three Tips" to make the market, so that sales will grow exponentially from slow to fast.

        We exchanged a lot of opinions and views, and it is not convenient to disclose in detail. In fact, the more you have no ideas or ideas, the more you need to communicate with me by voice. Don't bore your head and do it yourself, or you seem to think of something, and then talk to me. This is not a good way to communicate.

        [Dayou Class] Obediently, it is not difficult to make money!


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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