[Student case] Home theater distribution
Createtime:2020-03-31 16:00
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A Nantong boss student, mainly operating high-end home theaters, mainly promotes a German brand. It used to be 100% physical store sales. He joined Dayou Class at the end of last year. Now the sales pattern is half of the offline and online. Brand, the key is the increase in net income.

       Just said in the voice of Weixin, as long as there is # in the morning class, the family of three listens to breakfast, and her sales are mainly her husband. The internet promotion is hers. The husband and wife are concentric and their profits are broken.

       I just participated in a 2-day Shanghai offline class from October 13th to 14th. After I went back, I started to change the keyword "Nantong Home Theater" to "Home Theater". In the past few days, I have received inquiries from several foreign customers and lived in the villa Of families need to combine home theater and karaoke in one system. This is a business she didn't originally have.

       After half an hour of discussion, my advice to her is:

1) Given that I am a fan of classical music and a half #, I understand users' ideas very well, so I should add this sound system. Because of the product focus, she tasted the sweetness, so she was cautious about adding new systems.

2) Product positioning is still high-end, not mid-low. Search in Taobao to see what the situation of your peers is, and then configure your own system differently, mainly foreign brands, preferably not on Taobao, otherwise, you understand.

3) Show the home audio system design business, but try not to do this business, mainly to reflect professionalism and professional capabilities, better assist sales, rather than really want to expand this business.

4) Now that China is the second largest country in global GDP, an increase in household income will inevitably lead to the pursuit of spiritual life, and the number of people listening to classical music will inevitably rise. Nantong has few or no HiFi speakers, but it is also an opportunity. Many dealers do n’t do it. Maybe it ’s because the customers are not enough or too few. Maybe the sellers are not professional. It does n’t mean that there is no such market. rich.

        For half an hour, I could only communicate this situation. After unifying the thinking, I immediately implemented it.

        [Dayou Class] Obediently, it is not difficult to make money!


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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