Japanese men's underwear
Createtime:2020-03-31 15:34
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[Brand case] Japanese men's underwear

  In 2009, the popular men's underwear brand Bo Tongni was founded in Japan. At the beginning of brand building, it chose a unique and bold marketing method. On the way to the world stage, Bo Tongni raised the banner of opposition and overturned all the marketing models we once knew or envisioned in our minds.

       The underwear model he chooses is not a mythical European or Brazilian football player who gallops on the football field. He has no sculptural figure, even a muscular and sexy male image.

       Instead, Bertone took another route to show the concept of sensuality: it often dyed the hair of models with strange colors, which was definitely not our usual sexy blonde. It became famous with this style, attracted a lot of consumer attention, and sold its own products in the market at a high price of $ 25 each.

  This success is not all because they developed the "seamlessly stitched panties." A recent survey shows that the performance advantages of the product itself are basically negligible. The main reason for the success of this brand is the image packaging, the attitude reflected by the brand.

   An interesting pair of underwear does not generate new ideas, and even if it can bring laughter to people, it cannot be a basis for raising prices. What the public needs is to hit their inner humor directly. Because of this, Botongni can win the favor of the public. It pays more attention to creating a wise image instead of the solitary sense. It uses a humorous element to counteract the clich of "androgen's appeal".It dares to break the stereotypes, which does not mean that it does not respect tradition, on the contrary, it just pushes the underwear industry to a high level. This is the real reason for the sexy name of Botongni underwear, although its product is nothing special.

[Personal suggestion] This case is just for you to see, it does not necessarily fit the current domestic reality.


Zhang Youwei

A businessman who loves to write can't have a bad business.



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